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      I just found out about an amazing utility while randomly browsing the w3m archwiki page, where they suggested using rdrview to parse webpages. The problem with using a text based browser (lynx, w3m, etc) or even a graphical one like Links2 on the modern web is that there are usually several pages of “menus” to scroll through before getting to the actual content. These are designed to be drop-down menus, but rendered as text are endless menu lists. Rdrview is a copy of the “reader view” module in Firefox, but written in C so its blazing fast and terminal ready. By parsing the webpage through rdrview you essentially get the html code as it would be displayed using “reader view” in Firefox. This gets rid of all the menus and the actual content is instantly displayed.

      Here it is:

      Its really easy to compile and install, just follow the instructions. Read the manpage as well. Here is an example:

      rdrview -B xlinks2 $your-URL-here

      For my fav news page that I read every day I now have the following line in my startup file

      rdrview $your-URL-here -H 2> /dev/null 1> /tmp/readable.html &

      I’ve got /tmp/readable.html bookmarked in Links2. (Easiest to first run xlinks2 /tmp/readable.html and bookmark the resulting page)

      The downside is that there is no obvious way to continue “browsing” in reader mode, at least not in Links2. There seems to be a way in elinks and w3m, but I prefer trusty ol Links2. Maybe I’ll think of something.

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