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      I’ve am seeking recommendations for a site to upload an antix respin ISO for public download.

      I have googled and searched this forum but didn’t find anything definite, so I would like to hear your thoughts.

      Thank you.


        I put mine up on my own Dropbox account. That way I retain control: it will be there for as many years as I coose to keep it available.

        Also take a cursory view of where the other respins listed here are hosted.

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          I like to put my antiX-libre respin ISOs on my library page at archive.org. It automatically creates torrent files as well as offering direct downloads, it does the torrenting for you, and if you like, you can theme the download page a bit. Accounts are free, space appears to be unlimited.

          For people that need a faster download speed I have set up a free Mega.nz account, or like @christophe you could set up a free Dropbox account.


            @andyprough, I found your post on using archive.org and was going to use it. However, I thought to myself, “is he still using it” and found your libre respin–very nice btw, on mega.nz which prompted this post. Thank you for clarifying it was only an alternative download.

            @christophe, appreciate the suggestion for dropbox. I considered it, but the use of an open solution appeals to me.

            I will use archive.org. Thank you!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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