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      How can I access remote shares in my local network?
      Using a file manager is not the only way to mount network shares.

      Connectshares is an easy to use share access automation tool, designed with simplicity in mind. It can be quickly set up and used by a standard user and without the need of deep technical knowledge.

      Does it work in my preferred environment?
      Many popular file managers work only in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) within the Linux desktop.

      Likewise, Connectshares works in a GUI, but also works at a Command Line Interface (CLI) within a terminal, and additionally in a console environment i.e. when no X GUI is running. This enables you to employ Connectshares as a single universal method to mount remote shares no matter which type of environment you prefer to work in.

      Will it overload my system?
      When using a GUI file manager to access remote shares, that file manager often must be loaded, which in turn uses CPU and RAM.

      After mounting the remote shares in your local system, Connectshares quits which minimizes CPU and RAM usage to zero in all practical terms. Because it does not leave apps, services, or daemons, running the CPU and RAM available to your system is maximized for other apps and tasks.

      What do I need to install?
      Some popular file managers use plug-ins or virtual file systems to access remote shares. Sometimes you might need to install the additional software manually to obtain the wanted functionality.

      Connectshares makes use of standard components that are present in almost every Linux distro. antiX ships with Connectshares installed together with everything that it needs, so installation of additional software is not required.

      Will it discover which shares are available in my local network (LAN)?
      Some popular file managers are able to scan the LAN, some rely on extra software being installed to find shares.

      Connectshares includes everything it needs discover various types of shares. These include shares on Windows boxes, Samba shares on Linux boxes, and NFS shares on Linux boxes.

      How difficult is it to set up?
      Popular file managers need to be told which shares to mount.

      Likewise Connectshares needs to be told which shares to mount. This needs to done once only. It is set-and-forget. Optionally, the way in which the shares are mounted can be finely controlled, but this is not usually needed.

      How do I use it to work with shared files?
      Normally remote shared files made available via a popular file manager are effectively tied to that file manager.

      Connectshares will work with any file manager irrespective of whether it ships in antiX or is one you choose to install. When any file manager is used together with Connectshares, you can work with network shares in a simple and familiar way.

      A file manager is not actually needed. Connectshares makes network shares available to any GUI application or psuedo GUI application, whether the app is network-enabled or not.

      A GUI or psuedo GUI application is not actually needed. With Connectshares you can use and manage remote shared files via the command line.

      Basically, Connectshares mounts the remote shares into the local system, then quits to get out of the way, leaving the shares available to be used by any app.

      Is it convenient to use
      Convenience is one of those things that varies from person to person. Here are some of the things Connectshares can do that are not mentioned above.

      • Works with network shares that require, and those that do not require, a username+password,
      • Option to automatically or manually supply the username+password to those remote shares that require credentials,
      • Unchallenged log-in to network shares that do not require a username+password,
      • Option to automatically access remote shares while logging-in to your local system,
      • Capability to automatically access network shares on multiple remote systems at log-in, or manually on demand at any time,
      • Option to automatically unmount shares at log-out, or manually on demand at any time

      Is there any further help on it?
      There is a step-by-step written user guide in the FAQ and a video by dolphin_oracle

      The written user guide is available in the antiX FAQ:
      Locally installed
      See the Help section of the antiX main menu

      The video is available on Youtube

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