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      Hi! I’m running on a 1997 laptop that was pretty low-spec for its time, and working with less than 200 megabytes of RAM, I decided to forgo the GUI entirely. AntiX has been perfect in many ways for this computer, but I do have one thing I dislike: the border around the tty console on antiX-core! Is there a way to not have each console consistently open then add the border (grey for tty1, bluish for tty5, etc) around the usable screen with the antiX wordmark and globe at the bottom?

      This happened once by what I suspect to have been an error, and being able to work with the whole of the screen was absolutely delightful. I would love to have that as the regular interface for this machine.

      Basically, please help remove the border on the console! Thanks. :)


        the “way” is explained in the FAQ. Search in page: splash


          Thanks! You’re a gem – that’s exactly what I was looking for. I guess I assumed the splash was just in the boot process, and now I’ll know.


            related info:
            When running from console (not Xsession), the antiX-cli-cc program displays a submenu titled “Console Utilities”. Although one of the menu entries mentions splash, IIRC it does not provide a means to turn off // disable the splash. The sibling utilities console-width-select and console-font-select are also presented in that cc submenu ~~ but you can also launch either of those directly from a command prompt.

            ^— luv it !


            The following will allow you to read some pre-installed docs
            as well as discover several pre-installed programs which run “X-less” in a framebuffer environment:

            apropos framebuffer
            man fbdev
            man fbdevhw

            I invite you to sudo apt install fbterm fbset
            man fbterm
            man fbset

            and visit (bookmark):

            FYI, you can even run an “X-less” web browser ~~ netsurf (debian package “netsurf-fb”)



              Good to know! I’ll give those a read, though anything involving the network isn’t going to be a thing due to the lack of any networking hardware. Might nab the debs from if the man pages for those look particularly useful, though!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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