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    As you all probably know, if you click on the gui installer, you get a pop up asking if you want to change to testing or sid.
    Although it clearly says on that pop-up screen that choosing testing or sid is for Experts, it seems that some new users are choosing testing or sid and ending up with a broken install (quite often due to nosystemd not always being in sync with changes made in testing or sid).

    So, shall we remove that pop-up and let expert users manually make changes to the repos if they want to use testing or sid?

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by anticapitalista.

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    I vote yes.
    Also are we utilizing the repo manager from mx? If so maybe a check box could be added to change the repo to testing or sid

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    I see it the same way, better remove ‘Set Repository’ option.
    Changing to testing or sid can be done after installation if you like so.

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    Well. We got newbies on most everything. From persist usb to core installs straight from Windows with no idea of linux file structure or even how to maneuver in a terminal. Nobody listens now a days anyways on the internet when you say pick up the pieces or for experts only. Just look at Kali and other penetration distros.

    It won’t effect me any because I have settled into stable AntiX/Debian land as I don’t spend time on tweaking Window Managers and Teaskbars anymore like I used to.
    So however the shoe drops. I can roll with it.

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    Seems an OK idea.


    Vote 4 removal.


    I favor the suggestion to remove the popup from installer workflow.
    It’s still a welcome utility, though. When manually editing the sources lists, I have sometimes forgotten to append “non-free” or “dev” where appropriate.


    I’m new, but for what it’s worth: let experts prove it by doing it themselves.

    If they’re successful, give them a an achievement patch to sew onto their antiX-scout uniform! 😉

    (Perhaps add an FAQ entry to guide them, if that’s valuable. It seems only future-experts read FAQs.)

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    @ skidoo:

    It’s still a welcome utility…

    One could also keep it there, but hide it behind some button, somth’n like “Expert options” — without asking for: “Do you want A or B?”


    a related note (intentionally did not start a separate topic)

    Adding a line to /etc/pam.d/slim
    should prevent young’uns from logging into graphical desktop session “just becuz”
    auth required user != root quiet_success

    We’ve frequently seen help requests which, after back-n-forth untangling, the reported problem is found to be a consequence of this “just becuz” behavior.


    Hello anticapitalista and hello everyone
    Leave that pop-up. Its presence is a difference to set antiX apart from other os choices. It demonstrates a difference.
    To experience a fail of install marked for experienced or expert is not such a bad thing?
    Leave the pop-up because only the users who manually verify changes to the repos will get the achievement award anyway.

    Thank You for asking, anticapitalista. (is a regular user supposed to refrain from posting in the dev forum? if so, then please forgive the intrusion.)
    nice badge patch, cristophe. (maybe we should not ask why you have Two.)

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    For antiX-17.4.1, I removed the pop-up.
    I guess that might provide feedback (positive or negative).
    For antiX-19, we can make our final decision later.

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.

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