Removing libelogind0 (testers needed)

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      The changes will not effect users wishing to keep dbus, elogind.
      The changes make it possible for those who do not want elogind/libelogind.
      dbus or better libdbus-1-3 is another matter and almost impossible to keep out

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        There is something wrong with compatibility between libpolkit-gobject-elogind-1-0 and policykit-1 (the new versions).

        See this issue.

        When the new policykit-1 version is installed, the lxde window to reboot/shutdown/etc. doesn’t work (pressing the buttons does nothing). Falling back to Debian’s policykit-1 version fixed this issue, and the menus for shuttingdown, rebooting, etc. work again. I cannot test the older libpolkit-gobject-elogind-1-0 version, so I cannot confirm if the other error is related, but I think that policykit needs to be rebuilt, either to the older version or to figure out what is the cause.

        I will have a look at the source tarball, to see if I can figure out something, with my limited skills.

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          Would you be able to shed some light on the necessity to rework desktop-session? Just asking as so much depends on desktop session management in antiX:
          – Is reworking desktop-session architecture necessary due to missing now libelogind0? It works now but not efficient due to change?
          – Or desktop-session architecture can remain as it is even after purging *elogind*, but some additional functions can be leveraged by re-wrriting?
          So far my testing of antiX with no libelogind0 has been very limited, so I would like to understand impact…
          Thanks and Regards…

          What I discovered when playing around with locale-antix is that most of the preparations for a proper session, and authentication itself, are done by pam modules loaded by the display manager (slimski).
          Some of the preparations are loading environmental variables, the locale (language), and creating desktop specific variables. the pam libraries for logind/elogind create desktop seat variable for (XDG_SEAT, XDG_SESSION_ID), and other variables needed for window manager and desktop environments. Many of these are either done by a pam module or by the session manager (gnome-session, lxde-session, etc.). I have tried running mutter (Gnome’s compositing window manager) and gala (Pantheon’s compositing Window manager, which builds on mutter’s cwm), that both work in both X11 and Wayland (I am experimenting), and loading them from slimski. They require some (e)logind and linpam-elogind options to load all session options so they work properly, and removing elogind made it impossible to do so. I hacked around desktop-session to create these variables and modules, and was barely able to load them without elogind (and they worked OK most of the time).
          So that is hat I meant with hacking desktop-session-antix.

          When I have time, I will try writing a proposition to remake desktop-session-antix’ structure so it can be easier to create session files for different window-manager, with specific options needed for wayland, define specific wallpaper, select different desktop icon managers, panels, etc. for other window managers that are not happy with the default configuration. This may help in the future with the possible future migration to wayland. I need a lot more investigation and testing, as right now I have a mess of hacks. Probably when I get a bit more serious testing sway, wayfire, hikari and other wlroots wayland compositors in antiX testing I will have a better idea on how to make this work with desktop-session.

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