RIP Shay

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      Shay. A member I personally met up with and had lunch with and helped him get on this forum. We have been online buddies for years.

      Passed away Dec 17 due to complications during surgery. He was a elder statesman in his 70’s and had a adventurous spirit which loved to travel through out the USA in his car. I got him started on using Linux and then he became a great advocate of AntiX with elders on other forums. He was a AntiX and MX user that was a prolific poster on the old forums.

      I’m gonna miss him. Happy Trails , Shay.

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        Sorry to hear of your loss Roky. I remember his posts on the old site. I will poor a drink for him tonight.

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          oh no. Shay was an all-right guy. I’ll miss him around here.


            RIP Shay
            Stay strong rokytnji

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              Sad news indeed.
              Shay was one of our regulars once introduced by Roky to our small world of antiX.
              He will be missed.
              As the Brits say ‘Keep your chin up, Roky’

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                It is indeed sad news. A reminder to each of us of our own mortality and also a reminder to focus on the things that are truly important.


                  Sorry to hear your buddy has passed on, Roky.

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                    Sorry to hear that. RIP Shay. I’ll drink a few to his memory.


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