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      @ProwlerGR, @eric @aitor and anyone else –

      At the moment, antiX includes some packages that we build to include init.d and runit service files including some ‘core’ ones such as dbus, (e)udev.
      Is it better to also add s6 and 66 service/conf files to them or package them separately?

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        Seperately independently & cleanly.
        Arguably I’m thinking we should break down the s6-rc-services & s6-66-services to individual service packages (similar to Artix).
        I slapped them all together just to create this POC.


          Basically as a distro it makes sense to plan and implement some s6-rc service bundles (or 66 trees) somelike as follows – or something similar:

          1) boot – this bundle should contain all essential services to boot a system. This should be static & common on all antiX/MX flavors & should never be modified by users or packages.
          2) net – this should also be common across all antiX/MX flavours & essentially only controlled by the distro to get basic network functionality
          3) core – this should contain all services on the “core” flavor, strictly controlled by the distro.
          4) antix – this should contain all the remaining OOTB services (for antix full), and the last bundle that the distro needs to control
          5) misc – this is where the distro needs to encourage package(r)s to place their service scripts by default to get the default behviour. Users should be encouraged to not modify this manually (the package tools should enable or disable things on install)
          6) custom – this is the bundle that the sysadmins use o tailor their system to suit their indvidual needs
          7) user – this is where users & power users are encouraged to make modifications.

          So when releasing a distro, you would target something like:
          antix net: the “default” bundle should contain bundles 1 & 2 (boot & net) (5, 6 & 7 to be also included but empty of contents OOTB)
          antix core: the “default” bundle should contain bundles 1,2 & 3 – (5, 6 & 7 to be also included but empty of contents OOTB)
          antix full: the “default” bundle should contain bundles 1,2 & 4 – (5, 6 & 7 to be also included but empty of contents OOTB)

          Respins & custom versions would basically be expected to come with custom contents in bundles 5,6 & 7.

          I take this back…
          With the new s6-rc_service-manager I have released for testing, only 2 bundles are included in the ruling “default” bundle:

          “boot” : Contents of this bundle are essential oneshots NOT managed by the s6-rc_service manager (typically defined by the distro – only experienced users would want to modify & tailor manually to suit their specific needs on a system).

          “antix-service-manager” : This is what is managed by the gui & where packaged scripts need to be placing their enablers (empty text files). Also note that best practise is for only atomic services (oneshots & longruns) to be included in the antix-service-manager, it is not currently possible to track the status of bundles with s6-rc.

          As an example:
          There is a bundle called “samba” available (with atomic service contents: ‘smbd-srv’ – ‘smbd-log’ – ‘nmbd-srv’ – ‘nmbd-log’)
          Using the s6-rc_service_manager users would be expected to add the 4 atomic services (‘smbd-srv’ – ‘smbd-log’ – ‘nmbd-srv’ – ‘nmbd-log’) to their startup instead of “samba” if they want it samba services available at every boot (eg NAS server).
          Any other service that lists “samba” as a dependency would still bring up the the 4 atomic services as long as “samba” exists as a bundle in the compiled database even if “samba” or the 4 atomic services are not active (startup services).

          I hope his makes better sense to anybody following this thread

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            Service manager ready for testing.
            I have opened a separate thread here

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