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      Just a few notes about my usb<>headphone dongle I have in my toolkit. I use it on machines where the internal soundcard is not detected, broken, or is simply not supplied, like little Intel compute-sticks where I want headphone audio and there is simply no port on it.

      Basically it is a ten-dollar usb DAC dongle. Better than nothing!

      1) In the Control Center Soundcard Chooser, it shows up as:
      Device: USB Audio – USB Audio Device

      2) For the Volume Control, I had to set it up like this:
      Output Devices > Built In Analog Stereo > Headphones 2 unplugged

      Audio Adapter (Unitek y-247A) Analog Stereo
      Port: Speakers

      Seemed to sound best with your basic ALSA. I switched into pipewire, and bass got floppy and vocals went karaoke from my previous settings for the funky internal soundcard, which has problems on this rig only. Maybe I’ll see if there is some sort of adjustment for the Unitek y-247A dac device through pipewire that might need optimization.

      No biggie. For those that need these things like a usb<>audio dongle, it works as well as an external $10 DAC for headphones can do. The unitek specs list it as a usb-2.0 device, which is what I have it plugged into. That’s good – save my 3.0 ports for the system usb sticks.


        Update: Placed the dongle on an actual Intel ComputeStick through a 4-port usb hub. Audio is FINE, even with pipewire.

        That other machine something is seriously messed up to make me jump through hoops. Note to self: plug headphone jack in all the way!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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