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    PPC is a tiny script (that has been part of antiX for a long time) that creates a list of all installed .deb packages on a system. It’s a nice way to kind of “backup” all you apps, so you can restore them later in the same computer or in a new one.

      I found an old script that I worked on, aimed at allowing users to install the packages listed in the resulting my_installed_debs.txt – that file is expected to be in your user’s home folder.

      The script is command line only, I never got around to creating a GUI for it…

      I think it fits right into antiX-goodies, next to it’s buddy


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        Thanks PPC, sure to be useful.


          Thank you very much PPC.


            Neat! I was not even aware of ‘my_installed_deb’ and thank you for sharing.

            I took the time to review your script. Nothing wrong with it but there may be an opportunity to simplify. For example, why hit the apt cache?

            1. use ‘my_installed_deb’ to output installed packages and rename to my_installed_debs-source.txt from source installation
            2. create and rename my_installed_deb-target.txt from target installation
            3. identify missing packages, ‘comm -3 my_installed_deb-source.txt my_installed_deb-target.txt > packages-to-install.txt’
            4. install missing packages, ‘xargs apt -my install < packages-to-install.txt’
            5. ‘my_installed_deb’ to create a new my_installed_deb.txt with updated installed packages on target installation
            6. print packages that were not found/installed to user ‘echo “$(comm -3 my_installed_deb-source.txt my_installed_deb.txt)”‘

            No need to hit apt cache.

            Just a thought. Interesting use case. Tickled my brain and thank you.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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