Security-Alert: No longer security updates for buster from debian available.

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      Debian has stopped the security updates for buster today.

      This affects all antiX 19 users.

      Please consider upgrading your antiX 19.x install to one of the more recent versions 21, 22 or 23. These have proven to work fine in runit full version on even 20 years old 32 bit hardware.

      Alternatively you can purchase commercial extended security updates from debians ELTS support, driven by freexian.

      Additional information:
      The underlying debian bullseye of AntiX 21/22 will get default security updates until August 31st, 2026.

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        Thanks @Robin.

        antiX will still provide limited upgrades to its apps until the end of 2024.
        It will not upgrade apps it gets from MX Linux (firefox) since they will no longer provide them.

        Apparently, ELTS support is free (cost) for users.
        However, if their upgrades brick your system, don’t blame us or even seek support here.

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          Just for all you antiX 19 users:
          My advice would be testing a live version of antiX 23.1 (or antiX 23.2, currently only for 64bits devices, still being tested). Unless you are an advanced user or don’t have enough disk space, always go with the FULL version.
          If the live version runs fine, back up all the data, make a list of all the non default software you have installed, and, unless you have your home folder on its own partition, wipe the drive/antiX partition and install the new version (and then copy back your files, if you have to and install any app that you may require)… and live happy with that new system for half a dozen years more…


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