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    Hi there,

    Is there a way to set wifi to connect to a preferred network automatically ? On MX Linux it does that but I Don’t see the option on Antix. I have to select a network each time I boot the PC.

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    There are sometimes some misunderstandings about how the Wicd works.
    Here is the small overview on how to make connections in Wicd.

    1. Wicd Auto-Start (make Wicd available upon start)

    Set Wicd to connect automatically: open as root /etc/default/wicd
    Check/modify the both lines as on the 1st screenshot.

    You will need text editor and root privileges.

    Now you have running Wicd upon new start.

    2. Wicd Auto-Connect (wired) (make Wicd connect automatically)

    Put the check-mark on the connection that should auto-connect automatically.
    (Please see the 2nd screenshot, Fig. 1)

    3. Wicd Auto-Connect (wireless) (make Wicd connect WiFi automatically)

    You can check/edit your WiFi connection properties and enter password or
    connection credentials (user name / Password for ‘Business’ grade)
    under ‘Preferences’. (Screenshot 2, Fig. 2)

    In case you are connecting over the WiFi, you should obviously choose
    (put check-mark) on your preferred wireless connection point.

    Put the check-mark on the connection that should auto-connect automatically.
    (Please see the 2nd screenshot, Fig. 1)

    4. Add Wicd Icon to IceWM Task Bar (optional)

    Go to hidden folder in your home directory: ~/.icewm
    and open the file named ‘startup’ in text editor.
    (Any text editor will do; no root privileges)

    Add the text as on the 3rd screenshot.
    Save the file and close it.

    That’s all.


    Hi tekkaman, there’s one point missing here (- deleted – to keep the peace),
    you have to edit your startup-file for to get a tray-icon for wicd.
    Here’s an easy description of the whole procedure


    I know the tray icon would be missing but, the tray icon doesn’t change the functionality.
    With or without the tray icon — it works (everywhere) exactly the same.
    The process is not antiX specific but, IceWM specific.


    I’m not interested in discussions.
    (I know ,that you know that, you yesterday posted my link as an answer here)


    If you wouldn’t be interested to discuss with me, you wouldn’t discuss, isn’t it? 😉

    I know, that you know, that I know.
    My answer is easier to follow.
    That’s why it got ‘rewrite’.
    I added ‘antiX’ part.

    Since you now also know, how the easy to follow answer should look like,
    you’re free to remake with antiX screenshots and post it somewhere
    on the website as ‘How To’ or under ‘Tips and Tricks’.

    Moderators can easily remove/replace my screenshots at any time, I don’t mind.
    They are after all, all in the WordPress data bank, easy to find and replace.

    By the way, it wasn’t even ‘your answer’ that I was referring to.
    See screenshots.


    @ tekkaman

    The easiest way to setup auto wifi with antiX That I use.

    open antiX Control Centre > Network > Network Interfaces(Ceni) on opening use down arrow key for wlan1 press enter configure wlan1. Then scan after the scan just select your wifi name a new screen will open just enter your password in the box Preshared Key then press Accept thats it. If you have no more keys to add just exit.

    You may need to reboot. Hope this helps you

    MX- AHS 5.5.0-1-amd64 (i3) ROG STRIX B450-I , AMD Ryzen 5 3600 , 32gb.
    2 Laps T430 17.2 X220 17.4


    Did you get it working ok?

    If not, along the lines of what Koo suggested I use Roaming WiFi via Ceni and WPA_Gui, which isn’t hard to setup and takes almost no memory.

    It wasn’t working yet on antiX 19, but I’m sure it will be. On 19 you should just use Connman. Its nice and pretty light.

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