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    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Regarding “! Desktop”, if that means one workspace, you can edit the variable:

    WorkspaceNames=” Web “, ” Mail “, ” Term “, ” Edit ”

    In your .icewm/preferences file.

    In my local entry, it is in line 882 of the preferences file, and I created four named workspaces. If you want one workspace,
    you could make the entry:

    WorkspaceNames=” Workspace ”
    WorkspaceNames=” 1 ”
    or whatever you prefer.

    To get to the IceWM preferences (and other characteristics easily, Menu –> Control Centre –> Desktop –> Edit IceWM Settings
    You can then edit any of the IceWM configuration files, including the Preferences.

    Brian Masinick


    I am not familiar with rox-filer or ICEwm, hope not to disturb.

    For rox-filer,

    Change leafpad, xmms to xed, deadbeef … If you make any changes re-create the symlinks in [~/.config/] … Notice that the directories are hidden …
    > _ ln -sT ~ /.local/share/applications/xed.desktop Open\ with\ xed
    > _ ln -sT /usr/share/applications/deadbeef.desktop Open\ with\ deadbeef

    > _ ls -la .audio_flac /
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 40 Dec 2 14:45 ‘Open with deadbeef’ -> /usr/share/applications/deadbeef.desktop

    > _ ls -la .text_x-log /
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 50 Dec 2 14:39 ‘Open with xed’ -> /home/user/.local/share/applications/xed.desktop


    Credits to @damo, Display the keybinds (~/.icewm/keys).
    Create a file ~/bin/tiling-kbinds.txt


    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Left" # Left-Move window to Left 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Right" # Right-Move window to Right 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Up" # Up-Move window Top 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Down" # Down-Move window to Bottom 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Home" # Home-Move window to Top Left 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Prior" # PgUp-Move window Top Right 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_End" # End-Move window to Bottom Left 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Next" # PgDn-Move window to Bottom Right 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Insert" # 0-Maximize window 
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Begin" # 5-Center window
    key "Ctrl+Shift+KP_Delete" # .-Close window

    Create another file ~/bin/,

    ##  by damo, August 2017
    ERROR_MSG1="$KBINDS does not exist"
    ERROR_MSG2="This script requires 'yad' to be installed"
    [[ -f $KBINDS ]] 2>/dev/null || { notify-send "$ERROR_MSG1" >&2;exit 1;}
    if type yad &>/dev/null;then
        yad --text-info --filename="$KBINDS" --width=580 --height=750 --undecorated \
        --no-buttons --margins=20 --borders=0
        notify-send "$ERROR_MSG2" >&2
        exit 1

    Add to ~/.icewm/keys

    key "Super+r" icewm --restart
    key "Super+F1" /home/user/bin/



    Is there an easier way to connect to network attached drives? The method described by DO in an older video is time consuming and it always takes me several tries to get it work. This is the main thing that I don’t like about AnTix. Thanks.


    Do you mean using connectshares? Many have reported it works well. Or are you referring to something else?


    I can see my WiFi router. I select it and click on Connect. When I enter my password into the Passphrase box and click OK, Connman returns an error message saying invalid-key. I have attempted this numerous times, so I know I am not fat-fingering or that I had inadvertently hit the Capslock key. Can you help?


    BruceW, Open a new thread with inxi -Fxz information and also let us know if the password contains spaces, special characters (#/\! etc). Connman doesn’t seem to handdle these special character well, so ceni is recommended in those cases.


    special characters (#/\! etc). Important No \ at end of password, that is known bug.


    1- Setting up wi-fi:
    1.2- Thanks to Xecure, we now have a new app to help activate and configure Wi-fi, for those of you that are having problems doing that: “antix-wifi-switch

    One way to use it is Menu > Terminal and enter the command (don’t worry, it opens a graphical configuration tool)

    antix-wifi-switch --gui connman

    Click through the “helper” windows, then, on the “Wireless” tab, click “Connect” to the selected wi-fi network. Enter your wi-fi password on the field called “Passphrase”.
    After you correctly configured your network, you can close the Terminal window.


    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Also a reminder that Wifi is usually not “activated” by default in the Connman interface. If you are using the graphical version of Connman make sure that the interface (Ethernet, Bluetooth, or WiFi) that you want to use is enabled. Once the method you are using is enabled, particularly with WiFi and Bluetooth, you should be able to locate the network you want to use.

    The tutorial that has been previously shared has all of the details too; I am merely reminding you about this…

    Brian Masinick

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