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    Brian Masinick

      We DID have a new thread that was shorter and it somehow was corrupted.

      I’ll see if I can completely remove the corrupted thread and put the new guide in a replacement thread of it’s own, but I have other things to do tomorrow too, so if another moderator or admin wants to do it I’m fine with it.

      Brian Masinick


        Hi, Mr. Masinick – I thought you found the almost perfect solution to the problem of the corrupted thread, and making it easily available (for antiX 23 users, while keeping the older “How to”, meant for previous antiX versions)…
        I’ll try to do the following: I’ll create a new Thread, called simply “Unoficial antiX 23 Frequently Asked Questions”, and put my updated post there. If possible, you’ll delete the antiX-23 post from this current Thread, and edit the Original Post on this Thread so instead of reading:

        “The final post in this thread is the updated 2023 edition of
        Short essential how-to list for the complete Linux newbie- antiX 23 version”

        it reads something like:
        “A version of this thread, updated to antiX 23, containing updated parts of the information contained here is over at: (URL of the Thread)”

        EDIT: I created the new thread, but, just like with the original one I created, it stays it’s waiting moderation… Maybe this is because it links to a relevant point of SteampunksTV YouTube video and the forum software marks it as possible spam?
        Anyway, I won’t waste more time on this particular subject… The How to/FAQ is done, is fairly complete, and I incorporated the suggestions I got, and anticapitalista seemed to approve it’s original version (I incorporated into the text what he said about antiX software policy) .
        I do think that having a new Thread, with just the Original Post would make it “cleaner” for new users, they would just get the concise information they may require.


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        Brian Masinick

          Same issue as before; whatever you are attempting to include triggers the filter.

          I’ll take the version from the other day and put it in a new thread.

          I fixed a few typos so it’s pretty good and doesn’t need any edits.

          Anything else can be replied to the new topic but I advise not to add attachment files right now. They seem to be messing things up. We will be getting a change here soon anyway and that’s going to help.

          Brian Masinick


            Thanks, Mr. Masinick, I caught, and corrected a few typos/mistakes, but I trust you did a much better proof-reading job than my self 🙂
            As soon as your new Post is live (and the new thread is created), I have just a new post I want to make on that thread (I think there’s no need to edit the original text)- I want to mention that users wanting to access NTFS drives have a GUI to so on antiX Full – “Disk Manager” (disk-manager)- it’s probably the most important piece of information missing, relevant to new users that are dual booting and have their files on the Windows partition…


            Brian Masinick

              I’m going to leave what’s already here in place; if people spot it here; fine.
              I will get back to creating another thread with the new 2023 document later today.
              I did revert back to the previous title already.
              More to come…

              Brian Masinick

              Brian Masinick

       still exists, in case people are looking through this for general tips. I also created
      , which contains
                the latest document, currently with one topic entry.

                If anyone has any medium to large documents, PARTICULARLY if they contain any attachments, please contact me and I can arrange to get them in place.

                You may also wish to wait a few days to a week because I’m anticipating additional changes here that will make posting and organization much simpler; more to come on this “teaser” next week!

                Brian Masinick


                  Installation: Install a Linux distribution (distro) of your choice. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are beginner-friendly options.
                  User Accounts: Set up a user account during installation.
                  Basic Terminal Commands:

                  Navigate: Use cd to change directories.
                  List Files: Employ ls to list files in the current directory.
                  Copy and Move: Use cp to copy files, and mv to move or rename them.
                  Remove: Employ rm to delete files and directories.


                    Installation: Install a Linux distribution (distro) of your choice. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are beginner-friendly options.
                    User Accounts: Set up a user account during installation.

                    Possible SPAM alert!!!

                    This seems AI generated content, placed here randomly, and completely out of context- it’s like an AI saw the title of this thread and decided to add very generic advices, recommending the general “entry point” Linux distributions and also listing a couple of basic terminal commands.
                    Oh, all this from a brand new user… So, very suspicious



                      Since search is not working and I can’t search back if mentioned already, and for those who are militant against dbus running, the first time a dbus session runs ever on a new installation it creates a random number called machine-id, stored in /var/lib/dbus or /etc/
                      Some gtk guis will spit out errors and malfunction if they “can’t uniquely identify the machine”, like if you are running a windows license (maybe this is their aim in the future, hence all the crappy uuid crap systemd is full of).
                      So run dbus-uuidgen and store in both places or link /etc/machine-id to /var/lib/dbus/machine-id
                      and whenever you wish create a new one 😉

                      Just because a user is new doesn’t mean it should be left walking barefooted around a cucumber field as they say in anticap’s home-town


                        Thanks, fungalnet. I think I may look into adding this to the runit dbus service. I saw something similar in the dbus service for void, but I forgot about it. I will bookmark your reply in hopes I remember to test it soon.

                        EDIT: I got confused. There already is an instruction in the runit dbus service for this:

                        #create_machineid() {
                        # # Create machine-id file
                         if [ -x $UUIDGEN ]; then
                            $UUIDGEN $UUIDGEN_OPTS

                        I was misremembering. What I wanted to copy over from void was something else not related to dbus. Sorry for that.

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                          Видео без звука, без субтитров.
                          Видео не предоставляет никакой информации для новичка.


                            (translated by DeepL, please see English original text below)

                            Мы знаем, что вам приходится иметь дело с очень слабым аппаратным обеспечением. Поэтому следует не воспроизводить видео в браузере, а попробовать метод antiX. Используя эффективные внешние программы, можно добиться идеальной производительности и на своем оборудовании. Внутреннее воспроизведение видео в браузере, как известно, очень расточительно по отношению к ресурсам.

                            Откройте консольное окно.

                            yt-dlp -F ''.

                            В результате будет получен список доступных видеоформатов.
                            Для вашего оборудования выберите один из форматов с более низким качеством (низкий битрейт, низкое разрешение) и не используйте кодеки webm и vp9.
                            yt-dlp -f 18 ''.

                            Обратите внимание, что в некоторых форматах аудио и видео находятся в отдельных файлах, тогда придется применить синтаксис из нижних строк примера:

                            yt-dlp -f '134+139' ''
                            yt-dlp -f '135+140' ''
                            yt-dlp -f '133+139' ''


                            После загрузки файлы будут объединены, что может занять некоторое время.

                            После загрузки запустите видео с помощью программы MPV, которая очень хорошо работает на старом оборудовании, в основном вы всегда должны получать воспроизведение без мерцания и искажений. Возможно, вам необходимо изменить некоторые параметры конфигурации для оптимизации воспроизведения на вашем оборудовании.
                            Я уверен, что очень скоро вы поймете, какая комбинация или формат лучше всего подходит для вашего оборудования.

                            Но вы правы, субтитров к этому видео действительно нет. Их должен автоматически генерировать youtube…
                            Но, возможно, вы можете позволить им генерировать их с помощью службы искусственного интеллекта:


                            Некоторые люди здесь уже имеют некоторый опыт работы с ChatGPT, так что, возможно, кто-то из них знает, можно ли это сделать и как. Я пока ни разу не пользовался, поэтому не могу сказать.
                            Желательный выходной формат – что-то вроде .srt, тогда его можно будет запустить прямо в MPV, а этот формат легко перевести на любой язык.

                            Конечно, я понимаю, что это не совсем то, о чем вы спрашивали. Но я все же надеюсь, что это поможет. А нет ли на youtube видеороликов об использовании antiX на русском языке?

                            English original text:

                            We know meanwhile you have to deal extremely weak hardware, so you need to do it the antiX way instead of just playing the video in browser. Using performant external programs makes it probably run flawlessly even on your hardware. The browser internal video playback is known to be really resource wasting.

                            Open a console window.

                            yt-dlp -F ''

                            This will return a list of available video formats.
                            For your hardware please select one of the lower quality formats (low bitrate, low resolution) and no webm, no vp9 codec.
                            yt-dlp -f 18 ''

                            Be aware some formats have audio and video in separate files, then you’ll have to apply the syntax from the lower example lines:

                            yt-dlp -f '134+139' ''
                            yt-dlp -f '135+140' ''
                            yt-dlp -f '133+139' ''

                            After download the files will get combined, this might take some time.

                            Once ready with downloading, run the video using MPV, which has a really good performance on old aged hardware, you should mostly always get flicker- and distortion free playback. Maybe you need to play around with some config options to optimise playback on your hardware.
                            I’m sure you’ll get very soon a feeling which combination or format suits your hardware best.

                            But you are true, there actually are no subtitles for this video. Would be up to youtube, to generate them automatically…
                            But maybe you can let them generate by means of an AI service:


                            Some people around here have some experience with ChatGPT already, so possibly one of them knows whether and how this could be done. I have never by now used it, so I can’t tell.
                            The desired output format would be something like .srt then you can run it directly in MPV, and this format can easily get translated to any language.

                            For sure, I know this is not exactly what you were asking for. But I do hope it helps anyway. Aren’t there any videos on youtube about antiX usage in Russian language actually?

                            Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                              Привет! А видео воспроизводится в браузере или с помощью обычного видеоплеера? Если плеер автоматически не подхватывает субтитры (что бывает редко), то, например, в Celluloid’е нужно щёлкнуть на три точки в правом верхнем углу, далее выбрать “дорожка субтитров” -> “загрузить внешние”; выбрать нужный файл субтитров – и всё будет работать.

                              English: Hello! Is the video played in a browser or using a regular video player? If the player does not automatically pick up subtitles (which is rare), then, for example, in Celluloid, you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner, then select “subtitle track” -> “load external”; Select the desired subtitle file and everything will work.


                                I am a Linux newbie and either forgot the password or didn’t pay attention to my new setup. Is there anyway to type a reminder of what the password is or to change the password?


                                Brian Masinick

                                  Displaying passwords on Linux and UNIX systems is not a common feature and I do not know of a tool that visually displays passwords.

                                  If you have access to your privileged (root) user account, then you can use the passwd command to change your password.

                                  Almost all systems have a manual or information page about the “man” page for passwd. To use it on antiX, open a terminal
                                  and type in

                                  man passwd

                                  and you can read more about it.

                                  Brian Masinick

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