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    SLiM login manager v1.4.2
    source code available here:

    Tested on antiX 17.1
    uploaded a 64bit debfile to github (temporarily ~~ we’re only supposed to host source code there)
    sudo dpkg -i slim_1.4.2_amd64.deb
    ^—> respond “Y” when installer prompts to ask “accept maintainer’s copy of config file?”

    bug reports here:
    (I will not be monitoring this forum topic)

    After installing this newer SLiM version into an antiX system, bear in mind:
    package “remaster-antix” contains a script which may later overwrite slim.conf with an older copy
    package “cli-installer-antix” contains a script which may later overwrite slim.conf with an older copy


    * do not fail (exit) if background image is missing; instead, fallback to using solidcolor

    * do not fail (exit) if panel image is missing; instead, fallback to using a plain, solid color box

    * When solidcolor has been specified, and background_color contains
    an invalid value (or is empty), assert background_color=#ff0000
    to provide visual feedback regarding the misconfiguration.

    * added UTF8 support for welcome_message (translations followup needed)

    * debian/rules: add hardening rules (source fortification, stack protection, relro)

    * remove unused jpeg.c and png.c, and refs within CMakeLists.txt
    Their functionality had already been incorporated into image.cpp
    * upon failed login (incorrect username+pw), display an onscreen
    message (configurable, via themfile) and, conditionally, alert user to CapsLock=ON status

    * fix: “-h” help commandline option showed no ouptut

    * app.cpp: Fix env alloc (ref http ://

    * image.cpp, image.h: outcomment unused fn Merge_non_crop()

    * add new options to support centering of input box text and hiding of cursor

    * rename the generic value “color” (background_style option value) to “solidcolor”

    * fix: save root window pixmap id when setting background

    * antiX/slim.theme: correct option name (input_fgcolor >>> input_color)

    * fix Cfg::getIntOption (declare 0 as default value)

    * upon failed login, provide onscreen hint if CapsLock is ON

    * removed executable bit from shipped pam.sample file

    * debian/control: remove stated build dependency (freeglut3-dev)

    * (devnote: temporarily tag, during testing ### for slim v1.4.2)

    * remove unnecessary declared libz (aka zip) dependency

    * debian/rules: add “scrot” as Recommends (for F11 screenshot) and
    “antix-goodies” (provides yad, used by “slim-login” + “”)
    and “gtkdialog” (used by “”).
    Also, add “urxvt” to Recommends (it is the configured console_cmd).
    (TODO: specify xterm|urxvt ? remove xterm from Recommends?)

    * insert test for presence of gtkdialog + yad

    * slim-login: insert test for presence of yad

    * optimize existing antiX background.jpg themefile.
    reduce (35kb>>14kb) and decrease gamma + increase saturation

    * provide a minimal (6kb solid black) bgimage for ‘default’ theme;
    ship additional themes (to demonstrate examples of both single, and double, input box layouts)

    * create a COMPREHENSIVE list of config options/descriptions
    (install creates /usr/share/doc/slim/OPTIONS_LIST.txt)
    and add “SEE ALSO: /usr/share/doc/slim directory” into the manpage

    * add “dh-exec” to build deps (115kb installed size)
    so that we can use /usr/share/dh-exec/dh-exec-install-rename within the slim.install file

    * add “scrot” (used for screenshot_cmd) as a Recommends in debian/control

    * slim.conf: prepend ### to inline comments, to differentiate from
    lines containing #currently outcommented values

    * “slim-login” (autologin setup) utility: add sanity check
    (test whether a home directory matching the typed username exists)
    and test whether empty username value was submitted

    * suppress useless/misleading “cancel” buttons within yad errmsg dialogs

    * check that current_theme is “antix” and, if not,
    warn “this background setter utility is effective only when the currently-selected
    SLiM theme (specified in /etc/slim.conf) is: current_theme antiX”

    Forum Admin

    Wow a lot of good changes here.
    Even some I have noted to do in the control centre but never been able to get to them. (sanity checks and such) Thanks and I hope they get added in. I have not taken a look at the updates yet but another I have noted is to change the autologin line rather than appending it to the config file. I do not see it in the change log… is the autologin script still doing this or was it updated sometime before?

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    Have installed SLiM login manager v1.4.2, excellent, have had no issues. Thank you for your work on slim. I hope you reconsider, as you will be a loss to the community.


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    Did this a few days ago and everything has been good to go! I would hope skidoo sticks around. Good people are are to find. Kind people even more so.

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