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    I have normally used Ctrl+Alt+T to open the command line on X on AntiX and other distros I have used in the past.

    In many, including AntiX itself of course, it works; but in some others it doesn’t.

    What does this key combination working/not working depend on?
    Is it a safe standard?

    Thanks beforehand again.


    What does this key combination working/not working depend on?
    Is it a safe standard?

    Ctcx, like antiX, has 4 window managers (Fluxbox, Herbstluftwm, IceWm and JWM, where each one has its own settings and its respective keyboard shortcut configuration file.
    I don’t know how to tell you all these files, but I’m sure that our other colleagues and friends on the antiX forum will be able to indicate each one of these files that can be edited according to your need.

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    Ctcx, como o antiX possui 4 gerenciadores de janelas (Fluxbox, Herbstluftwm, IceWm e o JWM, onde cada um possui as suas próprias configurações e o seu respectivo arquivo de configuração das teclas de atalho do teclado.
    Eu não sei te indicar todos estes arquivos, mas eu tenho certeza que os nosso outros colegas e amigos do fórum do antiX poderão indicar cada um destes arquivos que podereão ser editados conforme a sua necessidade.


    People like for the keys they EXPECT to do things, to DO those things.

    I don’t know where that key combination originated, but I’ve seen it before in other distros going way back, and I’ve seen people happily surprised to find it in antiX.

    If you prefer something different, in IceWM it would be easy to change in ~/.icewm/keys

    There is no need to have doubts about something like that. Its ok to make a backup copy and change it in your home directory if you have a better idea. Remember to restart IceWM after changing the keys file.

    PS: If you are wanting to make it work on a different distro, desktop, or window manager, search for “customize keyboard shortcuts”, or ask on their website.

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    Oh I did not realize it was a standard way back when I had proposed the key file settings based on my settings.
    I am not sure what they are now, or if they work… but several versions back (around when I made desktop-defaults IIRC; or maybe add/remove-keys) they were submitted something like:
    ctrl + alt + t = terminal
    ctrl + shift + t = root terminal
    ctrl + alt + b = web browser
    ctrl + alt + e = email application
    ctrl + alt + v = video application
    ctrl + alt + a = audio application
    ctrl + alt + u = ftp program
    ctrl + alt + i = image veiwer
    ctrl + alt + x = xkill
    ctrl + alt + o = office application
    ctrl + alt + s = screen shot application
    ctrl + alt + g = text editor (g for geany)
    ctrl + shift + g = root text editor (g for geany)
    ctrl + alt + f = file manager
    ctrl + shift + f = root file manager
    ctrl + alt + left = left 1 work space
    ctrl + alt + right = right 1 work space
    ctrl + alt + enter = maximize / reduce window size
    ctrl + shift + delete = exit session
    alt + f2 / ctrl + alt + space = run dialog

    in addition to / updating prior entries to utilize desktop-defaults and make it more standard across the window managers.

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