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    antiX has many, many small programs and scripts that users may not even be aware exist because some are not available, out of the box on the menu…
    (To use this apps/scripts paste their names in the terminal or use “Run” from antiX’s Menu)

    1- ICEWM Configuration GUIS:
    The Control Centre allows users to manually edit the IceWM (and also Fluxbox and JWM ) desktop configuration text files. Most of this configurations [ all except for preferences and winoptions] can be also edited using GUI’s (Graphic User Interfaces)

    – add/remove icons to IceWM’s (tool)bar: “icewm-toolbar-icon-manager”
    – add/remove icons to IceWM’s desktop (when using the default rox-icemwm) : “rox /usr/share/applications” , then drag and drop the icons of the apps you want to have on your desktop, you can rename the new desktop icons by right clicking them twice (you can delete the .desktop extension)
    – Edit the menu (show/hide menu applications): “menu_manager” and also “fast_personal_menu_editor” allows to quicly add/remove applications to the “personal” menu
    – Add or remove Key bindings: “add-key”
    – Configure application that automatically start up when the desktop launches: “add-start”

    2- Handy scripts:
    – Every manually installed an application and wanted to create a .desktop file for that app? Try “add-dekstop”
    – Do you want to have a list of every application that you installed or updated, so you can have the same exact setup on a fresh install?- “sudo my_installed_debs” does just that.
    – Do you want to test your internet speed?- “”

    3- Assorted applications (in no particular order):
    -“xeyes” draws two cartoon eyes on the corner of the screen that always track your mouse cursor
    -“xcalc” – very fast calculator
    -“xclock “- displays an analog clock
    -“xclipboard”- small clipboard application that can store and display stuff copied to the clipboard (duh!)
    -“xmag”- a basic magnifying glass for yout screen
    -“xlock”- locks your screen (you unlock it by typing your password) – Tip: you can set a keybing to run xlock and instantly lock your keyboard (handy, for example, you have kids around and don’t want anyone to mess up what you are working on)
    – “dmenu_run”- aplication launcher via keyboard. Lighting fast and Very configurable. By default it comes up on the top line of your screen. Start typing and it displays the installed applications that match the entered text. Keys: Enter – selects ; right/left – move around ; Esc- exits

    4- Terminal aplications:
    -“curl OPT” – displays the weather forcast on the terminal ( TIP: “curl” shows the weather in Lisbon… replace the name with the city you want info about… Of course this requires internet access
    – “dict” – a terminal dictionary/ encyclopedia – just enter for example”dict linux” and expand your knowlege, replace “linux” with the word you want to shearch
    – “mocp” and “mp3blaster “- terminal audio files players
    – “mpsyt”- youtube audio player
    – “irssi”- terminal IRC chat client
    – “elink” and ” links2″- terminal web browsers, that work with mouse input (yes, antiX comes with Firefox ESR and even Dillo, elink and elinks2 for those machines that can’t handle modern web browsers- count them: 4 Web browsers!)
    – “newsboat” – terminal news reader
    – “mc” – midnight commander – terminal file manager works with mouse input- (also available from Menu – system)
    – “vim” – powerfull terminal text editor
    – “cli-aptiX”- terminal application installer (allows users to install dozens of terminal (or even GUI applications) – you can do even more from the terminal – just install “alpine” or “mutt” e-mail clients or “ninvaders” “nsnake” or “sudoku” to play games on the terminal or “fbless” to read ebooks, “cdtool” to play cds, “pianobar” to listen to Pandora radio…



    Brian Masinick


    Whoever said that “You can’t reach an old dog new tricks” is mistaken.

    1. We had a dog when I was growing up. Her name was Tootsie, a dashboard.
    She absolutely loved to eat human food as well as dog food and she also knew that after dinner she’d get a good meal, either left overs, dog food or both.

    Tootsie learned to sit up, “speak”, a.k.a. bark while sitting up. Later we added “roll over”. It was amazing how quickly and automatically she would learn a new trick to get her food ASAP!

    2. Human “dogs”, like this old dog lover, can still learn too. As much as I already know about Debian systems and our Debian / Devuan derivative, I appreciate the list of tools and tips. I think that I knew about perhaps 3/4 of the stuff that was mentioned, yet as long as I have been using antiX I still come across things that I have yet to use.

    Good list, something even a veteran is learning from! This old man is learning too!

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    Brian Masinick


    Another great terminal app is ncdu / for figuring out what is eating up the space and optionally deleting the offenders…

    for your dmenu, it coes with antiX and is already in the default Fluxbox keys file to appear at the bottom of the screen, but I can’t tell what key its mapped to. Something with a capital P it looks:
    Mod4 Mod1 P :ExecCommand $(ls -lLecho $PATH | tr : ‘ ‘` 2>/dev/null | awk ‘NF>2 && $1 ~ /^[^d].*x/ {print $NF}’ | sort -u | dmenu -b -fn 10×20 -nb black -nf white -sb grey -sf black)

    In my IceWM ~/.icewm/keys file it is hooked to Win+Space:
    <code>key &quot;Super+Space&quot;           /bin/sh -c &quot;$(ls -lL</code>echo $PATH | tr : ' '

    2>/dev/null | awk ‘NF>2 && $1 ~ /^[^d].*x/ {print $NF}’ | sort -u | dmenu -b -fn 10×20 -nb black -nf white -sb grey -sf black)”‘

    Don’t try pasting those…. They got mangled by the website. I could message the IceWM file if someone wants it. I could just post the keys file or all dotfiles I suppose

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    mocp has ruled my my motorcycle jukebox for years.

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    @rockytnji : A KDE desktop? Here? How dare you sir! 🙂
    Now seriously- nice playlist!

    One more app for the Terminal applications list:
    To (try to) play videos on the terminal:

    mpv --no-config --vo=tct [path/to/video/file]


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