[SOLVED] Firefox Quantum: Autocomplete dropdown list COVERS text field.

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      Don’t know if anyone else is having this pbm. (since I could not find any direct help on Google), but it has been driving me crazy ever since Quantum came out:

      When typing text into a text field that I’ve previously entered values into, a (very helpful) dropdown list box popps up showing previous entries that start with what I’ve typed in allowing me to select instead of fully typing it in (IF I want to use a previous entry). This box traditionally popped up just below the text field I’m typing in, but lately it pops up OVER the field preventing me from seeing what I’m typing – GRRRRRRRR! Anyway, with much searching and T&E, I found a SOLUTION to cause these popups to happen where they SHOULD, just BELOW the field:

      In a terminal:
      1) Go (cd) to your Firefox profile directory: /home/<user-id>/.mozilla/firefox/<profilename>
      2) Create the directory “chrome” (mkdir chrome) if it does not already exist.
      3) cd to the chrome directory.
      4) Edit (or create if it doesn’t exist) the file “userChrome.css”
      5) Add the following to it:

      {margin-top: 2em !important;}

      6) Restart Firefox Quantum

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