SOLVED: (Sid) lxterminal fails to launch because it needs libicu67

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      I recently noticed that lxterminal stopped launching. An error message stated that it was missing I checked and was installed,but not

      Apparently,libicu67 was uninstalled on 23 April when libicu71 was installed.

      After manually installing libicu67, lxterminal launches ok.

      For anyone running Sid who gets this problem.


      P.S. I assume that having both versions of libicu installed is not going to cause a problem. I will post a follow up if one occurs <g>.
      P.P.S. I assume that an update of lxterminal may require libicu71. If that happens, I guess I can uninstall libicu67 (there may be a message that libicu67 is no longer needed).
      P.P.S. Not obviously related to libvte (see post#71147).


        UPDATE: Today, an update to libicu71 became available on Sid. I installed this and removed libicu67 and — LXTerminal stopped launching.

        I reinstalled libicu67 and LXTerminal launches again.

        I used apt-rdepends to see where the dependency comes from.

        It shows the LXTerminal is dependent upon libgdk-pixbuf, which is dependent upon shared-mime-info, which is dependent upon libxml2, which is dependent upon libicu71.

        BUT, libicu67 ISN’T listed as a dependency of LXTerminal.

        Very puzzling to me…How can a dependency be missed by apt-rdepends??

        Slight addendum: I looked at lxterminal on my system running antiX19. In that system, lxterminal has a dependency upon libicu63. So, I suspect in the ongoing development of lxterminal, a new version will come out dependent on libicu71 but NOT libicu67. Presumably, this is an example of being on the edge of development, unlike stable.

        (N.B. I did a simulated removal of libicu71. Multiple screens flashed by of programs to be removed. Obviously, not a great idea to remove that <g>.

        So, currently I will keep both libicu versions installed – they don’t seem to be incompatible – at least with whatever packages I have on this system.)


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