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    Does anyone know where the metro image came from? My Google-fu is weak with this one.
    I’m asking because I can’t work out if it is real or cgi or photoshopped.
    The station is so clean and graffiti free that it can’t be real unless it is in Switzerland. 🙂

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    Try search by uploading the wallpaper on:


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    that was submitted by longtime mepis/mx community member Utopia. I don’t remember the exact details, but its either his photo or a public domain image that he found somewhere. I know he did some work on them for MX16.




    On page 5 you’ll find out what is on that photograph and where is it done.

    Page 7 already gives you the name of the photographer.

    So, now you know where to go and where to find (and download) the (original) of that photograph. 😉

    In the exif data, there’s the name of the application (+ version) and OS used too. 😉

    And no, it’s not Switzerland.

    I’ll rather not continue or I’ll get “… and missTell knows and knows …” again. 🙂 🙂 🙂



    I can’t work out if it is real or cgi or photoshopped.

    I did run the original version through photoshop. I don’t recall any grafitti in the scene. MAYBE I airbrushed out a few papers/decals on the shelters and lampposts. Most of the “cleanup” was jpeg artifact removal and cloning away the bright spots (streetlamps shing through trees at right-hand side, and bright speckles in the gravel train tracks ~~ they were distractions when trying to read the right-side conky).



    “Twinbrook” and “wheelchair” sign from the lamppost are surely not around any more, but “artifact removal” (from a 95 MB original)??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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