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    For example give me a list of any file in any folder under /usr or /home with the name *alarm*.[jpg|jpeg|xpm|png], and show me that list with a thumbnail of each, and let me choose one or a few I like and open or copy them or perform other file manager tasks on them.

    I think this should be doable with SpaceFM, but for some reason, file search is not part of the file manager and its results don’t have a way to come up in a file manager pane.

    SpacceFM can display a folder as a list of files showing thumbnail pics for each file.

    Is there a way to get my list with thumbnails already there that I didn’t see?

    Or another file manager that will do it out of the box?

    Or a search program that could find them all and maybe paste links to all of them into a folder to display?

    MC has a good Find Files function, but doesn’t display thumbnails…

    Any ideas?

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    Locate command in terminal is how I Rok. I have not checked this list . I’ll leave it up to you.


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    BobC, If your intent is to display preview thumbnails for imagefiles only (vs pdf et al)
    (didn’t sound that way, what you typed in the other recent topic), yad can do it.
    Visit the yad manpage and search for “preview

    generating image preview thumbnails on-the-fly is prohibitively expensive
    (noticable if you’ve ever used a preview-generating file manager and browse into a directory containing a thousand imagefiles)
    generating previews of pdf, odf, and other filetypes requires (depends on) use of a thumbnailing component library
    and the task of keeping an up-to-date indexed cache is typically handled by a daemon.

    dolphin file manager can be configured to display a preview pane (incl pdf)
    forums.linuxmint.com/download/file.php?id=41137 {—- to see a screenshot
    requires installation of dolphin + libgs9 + kdegraphics-thumbnailers + kfind
    ^—— approx 255MB !
    and the amount of disk storage occupied by the cumulatively-growing thumbnail cache is likely to make your head spin explode

    Will your fileSearch utility, or subroutine, presume that a ready-made (and up-to-date, and residing in a known path) (xdg-dirs) cache exists? For reliable results, the utility probably will need to generate the previews on-the-fly. Slow, expensive, bloaty… so it’s no surprise that many tools avoid using a preview pane.

    Here’s where you can configure spaceFM (these prefs are not applicable to “spaceFM File Search”)
    There will be no preview pane in details view ~~ for each imagefile, an actual thumbnail will be displayed instead of a stock icon. (As of spaceFM v1.05, the debian spaceFM package depends “libffmpegthumbnailer4v5” so that it can also create thumbs for video files)


    Also, for your consideration:

    ref: https://kupferlauncher.github.io/Documentation/PluginAPI.html#id3

    The complete python code for the kupfer plugin:
    __kupfer_name__ = _("Image Viewer")
    __kupfer_actions__ = ("View", )
    __description__ = _("View images quickly")
    __version__ = ""
    __author__ = "Tom Author"
    from gi.repository import Gtk
    from kupfer.objects import Action, FileLeaf
    class View (Action):
        def __init__(self):
        def item_types(self):
            yield FileLeaf
        def valid_for_item(self, fileobj):
            return fileobj.object.endswith(".jpg")
        def activate(self, fileobj):
            image_widget = Gtk.Image.new_from_file(fileobj.object)
            window = Gtk.Window()

    Yes, I made the mistake of having them selected and clicking Open file from the SpaceFM file search and watching my I7 spin merrily as it opened the 149 *alarm*.png image files in Mirage.

    You are right that if there are a lot of files it would eat a machine alive just generating the thumbnails. That was why I was trying to do it with spacefm, since it has the ability to display with thumbnails or not, and even large or small ones.

    I looked at MC and it can panelize the list, and then I can mark them all and copy them all to a temp folder and then open the temp folder with SpaceFM set to show thumbnails. I suppose that’s close to what I wanted, but pretty clunky.

    Or I looked at spacefm plugins as roky suggested, and maybe I could tweak SpaceFM’s “findtools” plugin to give it an option to make a list and create links to all the files (to avoid actually copying the files themselves) in a specified temp folder someplace and then open spacefm for that folder.

    Catfish search had a bit wierd syntax on the search, but was able to find them and copy them to a folder in spacefm if I selected and clicked just right. It already exists at least…

    I couldn’t get Dolphin to do it. It doesn’t show any types of files available to preview. I tried installing things and reinstalling things as suggested on the MX thread, but empty box.

    AHA! Nemo was able to do it! The search was a bit odd, but it worked and shows the thumbnails

    PS: I see you added to your post. And thanks for your as always excellent search skills. I’m getting better, but you are definitely the *King* of “How do I do that?” answers.

    Looking at that kupfer code. Maybe I need to take a class in Python at the CC near here. I should be able to learn that! Its a mental block thing. Maybe just too many hours designing “stuff” and fixing crap in ancient systems all day, every day. It pays the bills I guess.

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    Heres what it looks like

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