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    not yet available from debian sid repository, but here’s a peek at the spacefm v1.06 changelog
    1.0.6 2018-Mar-04:
    Rename dlg canonicalize Copy Target/Link Target target when possible
    [installer] fix mktemp template and error handling for busybox #629
    [GTK2] fix black background dir load regression 888a7735 #578 #627
    [GTK3.20] fix theme parse warnings re close btn css #636
    [GTK2] iconview no longer responds to theme change #627
    Fix compilation failure due to glibc include changes #678
    update copyright, email in README, release, about-dlg.ui
    [installer] use newer package names libx11-dev libudev1; failsafe
    user manual minor updates #681
    remove from ptk-clipboard.c: #include <stdlib.h> (was for realpath)
    default Devices|Root|Check fsck command add -r for repair
    File|Open URL add example mtp://
    release script add msgfmt po check
    add sftp to ssh protocol handler default whitelist (allows sftp://) #700
    settings.c:1930: (style) Clarify expression with parentheses #659
    fix segfault in ptk/ptk-dir-tree.c:430 #698
    fix newly imported file handlers appear in Plugins menu #688
    fix 1.0.2 708f0988 regression: Dbl-click to enter dir selects file #702
    fix segfault when dragging folder or file on desktop #654 [Teklad]
    [desktop] fix GTK3 icon movement, reliably get mouse state Teklad/spacefm#1
    load icon using icon name in theme if removed suffix fails #647 [Teklad]
    [desktop] Paint root window when there is no wallpaper #404 [Teklad]
    fix source file permissions [Teklad]
    fixed/added translations to pl.po [grimi via Teklad] Teklad/spacefm#5
    [GTK3.22] fix segfault dragging files to dir tree #649 #670 [Teklad]
    fix drag & drop segfaults #636 [BwackNinja]
    fix segfault on drag to reorder bookmarks
    fix davfs is not mounted #648
    fix fuse default protocol handler not added due to false positive test
    fix bookmark pane and toolbar two-finger right-click
    fix file list new bookmark with topmost bookmark selected
    fix mktemp in mtp handler not busybox compatible #624


    A good news.
    SpaceFM has been updated to version 1.0.6
    Most of the work in this version has been done to fix several bugs. Furthermore, version 1.1, which will bring new features, seems to be released soon.

    SpaceFM is important in antiX because it is an File Manager alternative to Rox, but it is richer in functionality and superior in my opinion.

    The news is interesting because the main developer of SpaceFM (Ignorantguru) declared he did not want to continue with the development of the project. He reported that a fork developed by Teklad would be born “SpaceFM-NG”:
    IgnorantGuru commented on 26 Mar 2017 •

    Hello to all,

    This repo of SpaceFM is no longer in active development (you’re still welcome to use this issue tracker). I just want to bring attention to a fork which is being worked on by @Teklad called spacefm-ng. He has forked from SpaceFM 1.0.5+next, and has fixed some of the bugs reported here. He has also worked on documentation, etc., and has merged some work from others. I was just made aware of this fork, so I haven’t reviewed it in detail, but according to @OmegaPhil it’s the strongest fork going.
    Best wishes, ”

    Teklad has worked, his work is available here:
    but the development seems very slow.

    Fortunately, in January 2018, in the forum of spacefm : ,
    It was reported a resumption of the project by IgnorantGuru.
    I report the last comments because they seem particularly interesting

    ghost commented on 22 Jan

    Hello @IgnorantGuru I just saw a reply to an issue on Dec 2017…

    I wasn’t aware you are still active around here.

    Are there any thoughts to pick SpaceFM back up again?

    Teklad isn’t very active, hasn’t been any work in almost a year…

    SpaceFM has so many bugs that need fixing, OH we need you please! +1

    IgnorantGuru commented on 22 Jan •


    I’m not actively developing SpaceFM at this time, but I do keep half an eye on Github and will sometimes answer questions that might save someone research, etc. It’s not impossible I’ll reawaken it for a bit of maintenance at some point. Can’t make any promises there, but it never hurts to report issues or provide pull requests.

    Also should note that all the email addresses on my PGP key are currently defunct, so the best way to ping me is here on Github. @OmegaPhil is also marginally available for anything major (eg if it becomes impossible to build, etc).

    To minimize bug impacts, I recommend running the GTK2 build of SpaceFM with a lightweight theme, as GTK3 has probably gotten bugged up more. I still use SpaceFM alpha regularly without any additional maintenance, but I realize some bugs have collected. I regret not being able to do more with the long-term maintenance.

    Subscribe to this repo (or even just this thread) for any project announcements down the line, and thanks for your continuing interest in SpaceFM.

    BwackNinja commented on 22 Jan

    @sla0101 @IgnorantGuru

    I haven’t quite disappeared either, though I’ve been a bit less active. I still use SpaceFM GTK3 without any real issues.

    I’ll take a look at the current bug list and see if there’s anything I can help with.

    IgnorantGuru commented on 22 Jan

    Hey @BwackNinja, thanks, always good to have you involved. Good to hear GTK3 is still running well for you. You can do any fixes as pull requests based on next and/or alpha, and I’ll do my best to expedite those.

    orbea commented on 25 Jan

    I just want to add that I use spacefm with a light gtk2 theme and most everything works without complaints. While there are some things that could be improved, I do not think it needs any major changes and I’ll likely continue using spacefm as is for the foreseeable future. Additionally I did not really agree with some of the planned changes Teklad discussed on his issue tracker.

    I appreciate that some people still remain to maintain this code base into the future. 🙂
    IgnorantGuru commented on 25 Jan

    I recently read through all the newer issues, so all 150 currently open issues are now assigned to milestones. Here’s how they break down by primary label:

    bug (11) 7 in 1.0.6, with the rest in alpha or further from resolution
    unlabeled (23) 12 in 1.0.6, with most of the rest in far or limbo
    pending (2) in alpha and waiting
    need info (12) in waiting or limbo
    request (102) 8 in 1.0.6, 9 in near

    bug is applied to a reasonably confirmed bug. 7 of the 11 of those are due for fix by next release 1.0.6. The remaining 4 concern unresolved instability in alpha, or a few that may take longer.
    unlabeled are issues that are open for further review or correction, but may not be outright bugs, or may need further review by examining code before they can be closed or reclassified. 12 of those are due for correction or at least further review by 1.0.6, with the rest being longer range targets.
    pending is applied to issues that have been addressed but have remaining work to do, so are not yet released. This includes the main issue introducing the alpha branch, and one issue waiting for further action by others.
    need info is applied when we need further feedback or research from a contributor or user, so these are generally in the waiting or limbo milestones, not likely to be resolved by me immediately. Some of these may also be closed pending further research.
    request is applied to feature requests or requests for functional changes, but not considered a bug or out of spec. 8 of these are due for inclusion or further review by next release, with another 9 in near, though that can change as they are further reviewed or researched, or as plans change.
    Overall, there are 27 issues open in the 1.0.6 milestone, plus one pull request which will actually probably go in alpha. Not all of those will be fixed or closed by that release, but something more is due to be done with them by then, such as examining code and reclassifying them. Some of those have had fixes by Teklad, so his fixes may be applied.
    There are also a few ‘things to do’ on my own list, which aren’t on the public tracker but should be looked at by 1.0.6.
    While some of the issues are likely fairly quick (a few hours), many of the open issues are labor-intensive, either requiring major recoding and testing, research, or extended troubleshooting. There aren’t a lot of quick ‘bugfix day’ type jobs remaining in SpaceFM (we went through years of that, so the current product is of a high standard in general).
    I may arrange some time to review some of these at least, maybe working toward clearing some out gradually, and making a next release down the road. There is also the problem of alpha, where some parts may need to be redesigned from scratch because neither I, nor anyone else who has tried, can reproduce/correct some issues, and backtraces haven’t proved useful. (Inter-thread issues can be very difficult to track down.) But that’s why it’s called “alpha”, and generally it’s usable.

    As for Teklad’s fork, I honestly haven’t kept up with his work – will take a look at some of the fixes – but I do know he merged in the current next as well as alpha branches, so any changes I make should be relatively trivial for him to import into that fork as well. However, I probably won’t be importing his work here in full for the time being, because he also made changes to the build system. This may represent an improvement, but I am unfamiliar, so it involves review, and such changes can also introduce instability across platforms, etc. I didn’t design SpaceFM’s entire build system, I just forked, fixed and extended it. Nevertheless, due to the magic of git merges, it should be relatively easy for everyone to maintain their work on forks. ”

    Finally, a week ago came the news of the update to version 1.06

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