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      Recently, there were two spammers (today, it is ‘mazinga52’: registered 1.5 hour ago and started 12 topics; I am not sure about the other name but the account was already removed).

      This made me think about a probation period or restrictions for new users.
      Such a probation period (duration to be discussed|specified) could introduce some of the following restrictions:

      1) Limited number of topics can be created within a certain period (e.g. max. 5 posts each 24 hours).
      Temporary restriction.

      2) Need to solve captcha (not Google’s but some free alternative) either before posting or at least when logging in.
      Temporary restriction.

      The below ones are not necessarily related to a probation period; instead, a new member would be required to:

      3) Fill in something (even a dummy string incl. whitespace) into their biographical info.
      How would the user know? This should be displayed when logged in if the bio. info is empty and the time since registration is less than the probation period.
      This could be arranged using e.g. a boolean attribute fresh: True|False.

      if fresh == True:
          (check probation period at each login, re-set value 'fresh' if probation period)

      Such a check would prevent bothering “verified” users, their accounts older than the probation period, with filling their bio. info.

      4) The first post would require an approval of any of the forum moderators (or those with higher privileges) in order to appear.
      This would require a shared “basket” accessible to all moderators and somehow informing about any posts with pending approvals in the basket.
      It would add a new responsibility to the forum managers and could result in delays.
      Perhaps informing via e-mail if a time out is “crossed” could prevent a long delay but not sure if the moderators would not see that as unnecessary bothering.

      Is anything of that manageable using the SW the forum runs on?
      And what do you think about it?

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        An another way could be that new user post would be reviewed by a moderator before publication.


          @RJP: That was implicitly expected in step no. 4).

          Forum Admin

            And what do you think about it?

            WE aren’t Debian or Ubuntu teams. I have a life and have so much time in day to get things done..
            Checking 1st posts is not one of them.

            As far as software for this forum. My impression is a MX member does all the heavy lifting here.
            Since no body else stepped up.

            Just mentioning what I think. Discuss away I guess, Good luck finding freed up[ bodies.

            EDIT: just easier for me to ban spammers.

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              Yup, I agree, just mark and ban. Most are filtered out beforehand, and they will only be able to make a mess once.


                I gave the theme some thought and agree with Roki and BobC.
                Crap posts are not online very long.

                Restrictions would hurt desperate new users much more than
                those pushing promotions from a Delhi or wherever spam farm.
                Probably those are too brainless to work in Fake Microsoft support
                or other scammer activity’s so end up being a minor annoyance.

                The few clicks they get on links will likely be more frustrating
                than income generating.

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