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      Sound. with a decent set of speakers, some listening experience helps too
      There is is an audible difference between pipewire wireplumber and just alsa.
      With average PC sound boxes for sure not noticeable.

      Probably better in a separate thread but as it is now easy to switch to and from pipewire and pulse relevant
      for testing.

      As easily found, tested with uncompressed music from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPUmIDHaWp8
      Please do not be put off by title and Picture, the shown setup is millionaires toy stuff.
      Unless you have fast and stable internet download and play from local disk.

      For non millionaires, Steer far away from pre sonius eris, 3,5, terrible waste of money, claimed to be
      studio monitors, they were/are awful….

      M Audio BX5 D3 cheap and good. Expect problems after a few years, they run really hot and kill
      some capacitors. Avoid M Audio BX3 which sounds awful, rest of series OK.

      KRK Rokit, Adam Audio and Kali LP6 second version, best budget stuff but not for bigger rooms. They are near
      field monitors and all sound really good. My choice is Kali LP6 as very rounded shockingly good sound to
      money ratio. Want a lot of Bass go for KRK.

      Presently listening with Teufel Sattelites gloop tacked on to full tomato cans and sub. Sounds crazy but it
      decouples the satellite speakers from a desktop very nicely, as long as the speakers housing does not touch
      the metal can that is.
      Further the round can full of sloppy material has pretty good damping and dispersion characteristics.
      Better than many expensive stands, use 3 cans each side for bigger speakers. Enjoy.

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      Brian Masinick

        @Xunzi_23 “sounds” like you have some access to some really good audio/video options.

        VERY creative indeed! Thanks for sharing!

        Brian Masinick


          With average PC sound boxes for sure not noticeable.

          I can honestly say that, with my crappy netbook and desktop speakers, sound, amplified via pipewire, “sounds” great. So it seems that pipewire works well for low quality speaker and produces poorer sound quality on high end audio systems…”
          If my assumption is true, then probably the vast majority of antiX users will prefer using pipewire (if it produces sound, on their hardware, that is).



            Hi PPC, with all due respect,
            if the output from the computer, that is everything except the amplification and speakers is the same your theory would
            confound common sense and the physics of sound reproduction, mostly but not always using loudspeakers of the
            commonly known kind.

            The better sound reproducing systems are, if set up correctly and in a reasonably fitting size of room which has sufficient
            damping generally more capable of faithfully reproducing the signal given to them as input. Even the best setups sound crap
            in an empty room with concrete walls floor and ceiling. The whole subject is complex and on occasion frustrating.

            Your, as you call them crappy speakers are incapable of reproducing fine differences in the signals fed to them.

            Your netbook may well have something like Intel High Definition Audio, that is not particularly good but not crappy either.

            @Brian Masinik, I think the idea of placing small speakers on cans came from https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum.
            Chilli con carne cans and blue tack were used as small speaker stands during some seriously technical speaker measurements.
            Very good forum for anyone interested in audio.

            Maybe Brian would be so kind to move this Audio related content to a new Thread with fitting Name. It is too far OT now.

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