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      A bit off-topic – when I began using Linux if I encontered an error I always assumed Linux sucked because I kept getting errors as soon as I tried to do somthing more than surf the web or open my word processor – I soon found out that some 80% of the times I got an error was due to user mistake. 10% of the time was due to some hardware problem or simply some missconfiguration that was not obvious to me and the final 10% (maybe less) of the time was some real error of the distro I was using [until this moment I do not know why MX-Linux refused to work with my nvidea video card, until, suddenly, out of the blue it began working; nor do I know why sometimes pulseaudio works like a charm, and sometimes it makes me just want to kick my computer…).

      My point- even before I grew my Linux User beard, I began to consider that even the most strange errors I got were probably due to something I did wrong, not the OS fault (that is valid to most OS, even those that seem to turn the screen blue as soon as you look at them side ways…).


      Brian Masinick

        Since what we refer to as ‘Linux’ has components from so many different places the age, compatibility and features of the various libraries, combined with the applications, presents many challenges.

        It’s impressive when every application actually works with a diversity of libraries, environments and tools.

        The majority of ‘good’ Linux distributions do a phenomenal job of maintaining a high level of compatibility between the components.

        Brian Masinick


          Very OT, I was given a near new laser printer, win 10 came no more drivers, 3 office computers which would not run said OS.
          A couple of weeks ago another printer and a scanner, no drivers after win 8.1. No drivers in Linux for the scanner so it
          went for recycling. Printer needed a deep head clean. After an hours work afterwards it set itself up automagicaly and prints

          Sure sometimes things do not work with Linux, it is definitely not an exclusive issue ;-)) And with perseverance I also usually
          find out I did something wrong or setup incompletely.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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