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      Thanks for the links skidoo…I haven’t had alot of time to install and
      test software lately. Flameshot does what I need it to do and works. If
      I really need to I could use the paint programs to edit them using the
      stock screenshot utility.
      Hotshots has a delay option in preferences and quite a few things I’ll
      never use.
      BTW calling software “bad” is the opinion of
      the user and use of the software and life is to short to flamewar on
      which program is better than another one. Also this has gotten way off
      topic for this thread.


        which application do you use to draw the circles and arrows onto the screenshots with?

        Across the past couple years I had used a pygtk program named “Dappy” (Draw And Paint in PYthon) which I had downloaded from github and modded

        Currently I’m trialing “flameshot” (a slighty older version of is available from MX rep). It is actively developed & the devs have been responsive to feature requests. (forewarning: it’s a Qt5 program, has a high-overhead memory footprint)


          Thx skiddoo,

          I haven’t really messed with the drawing on screen but have seen it done by others.
          So I’ll play with it…I thought maybe the programs were in the repos instead of
          having to build them. BTW usually memory footprint isn’t a problem on most of my
          machines I get them to 2gb ram and higher.


            Hey skidoo. So far flameshot is working great, It was in stretch-backports on
            packages.debian.org. I have to still make a shortcut for it since it doesn’t
            show up on the menu.


              @ linuxdaddy

              Don’t waste your lifetime on bad software. Flameshot may get hot one day in the future, but as is in the present, it should be avoided.

              Your best bets:

              1. http://sourceforge.net/projects/hotshots/

              2. http://shutter-project.org/


                @ linuxdaddy

                Don’t waste your lifetime on bad software. Flameshot may get hot one day in the future, but as is in the present, it should be avoided.

                Your best bets:

                1. http://sourceforge.net/projects/hotshots/

                2. http://shutter-project.org/

                Flameshot is under active development & its devs are open to entertaining feature suggestions.
                Per my testing, its operation is bug-free, its UI is intuitive and its featureset covers my typical needs.
                Workflow -wise, I sometimes find it desirable to feed an imagefile created by flameshot, feed it to mtpaint and apply 5% sharpening prior to uploading to imagehosting website. What’s nonsense (nonsensical) is the unsubstantiated claim that “it should be avoided”.

                HotShots is a fine (python + Qt4) proggie ~~ kudos for mentioning it.
                the comparative desktop session memory overhead (in case readers care to know):
                34mb hotshots
                57mb flameshot

                HotShots is chockfull of teats-on-a-bull features that one seldoms needs to use, has an overwhelming (arguably confusing) UI, and hasn’t seen active development since 2014. There is a forked version which adds Qt5 support — http://github.com/obiwankennedy/HotShots — which I’ve bookmarked & periodically do followup to check its progress.

                If you (linuxdaddy) care to testdrive HotShots, ignore the borne-of-ignorance suggestion to obtain it from sourceforge.
                It’s available here:

                installation howto for an antiX17 64-bit system:
                sudo apt-get install libqxt-core0 libqxt-gui0
                cd /tmp && wget http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/pool/main/h/hotshots/hotshots_2.2.0-1mx17+1_amd64.deb
                sudo dpkg -i http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/pool/main/h/hotshots/hotshots_2.2.0-1mx17+1_amd64.deb

                installation howto for an antiX17 32-bit system:
                sudo apt-get install libqxt-core0 libqxt-gui0
                cd /tmp && wget http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/pool/main/libh/libheif/heif-thumbnailer-dbgsym_1.3.2-1~mx17+1_i386.deb
                sudo dpkg -i http://mxrepo.com/mx/repo/pool/main/h/hotshots/hotshots_2.2.0-1mx17+1_amd64.deb

                IIRC, its installation doesn’t place a .desktop launcher, so you’ll probably want to manually create one
                (hint: Exec=/usr/bin/hotshots) then perform “Update Menus”

                a few other possible reasons HotShots may not become your goto screencap utility:

                — its “arrow” tool renders lines which look like flukeworms (eeew, gross!)

                — comparatively large default filesize of the imagefiles it produces, vs other tools

                — comparatively more complex workflow, often involving further post-processing to apply sharpening and/or similar corrections



                shutter is a fine, featureful FOSS product… yet I cannot recommend its use in antiX.
                YMMV. Many of my installed apps already depend Qt4/Qt5.
                NONE of my installed apps depend on “all this” —v



                  A quick follow-on point:

                  For that tall screenshot, above, I resorted to using “mirage: fullscreen, 4sec time delay”
                  so that I could hover and maintain visiblity of the vertical scrollbar of the synaptic dialogbox.
                  AFAIK, neither HotShots nor flameshot provides an optional delay.


                    Except of „in active developement“ there‘s not much good to say about Flameshot. But as I said, hope dies last. Maybe it’ll get better some day in future.

                    By the way, I‘m not the only n00b around who puts it in place with that ‘wondering interface’ and incapable of making active window screenshots.

                    Life is too short for the bad software.



                      Hooray! we’ve been split to a new topic.

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                        Capture with GUI after 2 seconds delay (can be useful to take screenshots of mouse hover tooltips, etc.):

                        flameshot gui -d 2000

                        The github project page for flameshot now includes a tip / howto for delayed capture, along with several other tips:



                          For anyone running 17.4.1 stretch and wanting flameshot without cloning and building from github
                          can use stretch-backports from Debian.
                          It can be downloaded at:


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