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      I bought the Logitech MX Mechanical specifically because I wanted to get rid of a wire on my desk

      I have the quiet tactile version. I have it as a productivity keyboard. I’m sure it’s fine as a standard gaming keyboard.

      It feels well made and sturdy/heavy/rigid. The keys have a solid feel to them, almost like an alloy although they’re plastic. Keys feel nice for typing and not too loud.



        I bought the Logitech MX Mechanical

        I’m not a forum moderator, but since you are new here- “necroposting” is posting on thread that’s dead for a long time. In this case, this Thread is dead for years now.
        The only valid reason that I can see for necroposting is when you found out how to solve the problem refereed to on the thread. You did no such thing, added completely irrelevant info only. In the future, you probably should create a new post, on the relevant section of the forum, in this case, probably “hardware”.


          170 USD Amazon.com ca 12o Euro Amazon.de. Steep Price….
          my last Logitech board was claimed splash proof, it wasnt, 128 Euro to replace.

          Now many Less Wealthy persons use a Mechanical keyboard marketed on Amazon for less
          than 30 Euro. It does have a cable, marketing name is Blooth.

          It is an Aukey KM-G12 with and VERY GOOD. Keys are backlit, it is not crazy noisy.

          In use by friends and acquaintances too, all happy as an real bargain.
          UK layout 28 Pounds from Amazon
          Amazon France Clavier Gamer Mécanique, AZERTY Français Bleu Switches less than 30 Euro

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