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      sounds like a are you a robot picture challenge getting into wordpress? a statement about forum administration?
      you got past the challenge. how often does this challenge appear?
      are you a robot?
      glad you made it.

      Stéphane Ascoët

        Whatever you start it (e.g. in browser), you can adjust the access priority to PC’s resources

        Of course I know very well all these commands, but they do only a very-tiny-fine tune, and, by my experience, hasn’t got any measurable effect on Linux systems using a kernel of less than 20 years of age.

        antiX is by design (choice of desktop managers and applications) lightweight and hence more responsive when performing usual tasks.
        There’s no guarantee this will stay true if you push your HW to its limits e.g. by using up all RAM etc.
        This would require some OOM (Out Of Memory) utilities to handle these cases but it could be a mixed bag when it kills something you’d strongly prefer not to.

        The best would be to use a lighter forum. I can write on a lot of forums with computers being more than 15 years old (with less than 512 MB of RAM)… we have the right to expect the same thing with the AntiX one !


          I think that if the op wants this moved to a lighter forum he should propose it to anticapitalista, provide the “better” forum software, and do the work he suggests needs to be done, like skidoo did to archive the previous forum and get us to this forum.

          My guess is those are no small task, and probably only worth doing to those affected. And there is nothing we can do to help, because the op refuses to post his info.

          His odds of success would improve if he was spelling antiX correctly :)

          I give up on this thread. Have fun…

          Daily driver distro https://www.antixforum.com

          Stéphane Ascoët

            – If I recall correctly, this “split thread” comes from one that does not even clarify what the OP meant by “Robot Challenge”- was it a game? The validation page of a web service? The sticky “how to” threads clarify how exactly ask for help: give all the details about the subject you require help on, give details about the exact antiX version you are using, when required, give details about the exact hardware you are using.

            In the original thread, by reading my previous post, you’ll obviously understand what I’m talking about. I’m not responsible of the split, nor the impossibility to merge it with the one that already speaks about this issue.


              I’m not responsible of the split, nor the impossibility to merge it with the one that already speaks about this issue.

              Dear Stéphane
              – only Moderatores or Admins can split or merge topics – no one here though that you “splited” the thread.
              – what I said is that you were not clear when presenting your problem – it seems (to me and to almost everyone else) that you though you were clear enough, that everyone here would instantly understand what you were talking about. As you can clearly see, that did not happen, and that’s why I recommend always try to give details about the problem
              – like I said, I’m not a moderator here, but I can see why you think this thread should be merged with the thread you mentioned: by “robot challenge” you really meant the validation screen that sometimes come up, when trying to log in to certain on-line services, like this forum, that asks users to complete a task in order to prove they are not “robots” but “real humans”. I can also understand why no moderator merged the threads – the original thread, I think was about not being able to use palemoon an seamonkey browsers to perform that challenge to log in to this forum. I had the same exact problem with Palemoon (when I used it) and Seamonkey (that I currently use on my 32bits laptop and a 64bits netbook). I currently use Seamonkey without problems, on a 32bits computer, with 1 Gb of RAM and no GB’s of RAM/swap space are required.
              – providing the data that people trying to help you ask is the best way to get help. Not providing that data is the best way to NOT get help. It’s that simple. Flashing your credentials is not an effective way to provide feedback: anyone on tech, professional (like you) or not (like me) know computers work with precise data. Providing precise data helps trying to solve problems. Saying, “I know what I’m talking about” may help fix problems with someone’s ego, but it’s not an effective way to try to solve a computer problem.

              I hope that you can take any relevant information from my post, because, like Bob, I’ll be ignoring this thread from now on.

              I also hope you can solve the problem, because I can use antiX even in a computer that is over 20 years old, without any problem. You just have to know what software runs better on a hardware restrained system (ex: for most tasks I can’t use Firefox on my 64bits netbook, that has 1Gb of shared RAM… but using Seamonkey or Min browsers does 99% of what I require. What does that computer really need? Not a “better OS” or a “better browser”. It really, really needs at least more have a gig of RAM and, for sure, a way faster hard disk… but I’ve learned to work with what I’ve got).


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              Stéphane Ascoët

                Stephane speaks French, is fairly well known in France, his history, which I am pretty sure
                is not fake shows he studied informatics and worked, I assume still does in that field.

                Thanks but the more I’ve learned in computing and, later, free software, especially GNU/Linux was mostly due to my own self-learning than studies and work(except one… and half…). Especially now, as there is less and less GNU/Linux on workstations and number of individuals, autonomous servers will keep on falling down.

                Harsh criticism coming from him is not unknown on another forum.

                Which one? So you know me (online)?

                What I find very irritating is he wrote.

                The new “Robot Challenge” fills an amazingly huge amount of memory, ofter causing computer hang.
                It’s rather contradictory with AntiX aim !

                What does Robot challenge have to do with antiX ??.
                There is no application included in antiX which has that name, if user Stephane installs it that
                is his choice, problems are both his responsibility and that of the robot challenge devs.

                BobC and myself answered all of this already(messages may have been crossing themselves at time of writing)

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