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    Having no idea if this is a software firmware or hardware problem, I post it here.

    Acer Aspire 1 laptop installed with 17.4.1 64bit, has finger pad with no separate buttons, but I use a plug-in USB optical mouse and ignore the pad. The install is up to date. When typing text into a window the start of message (SOM) cannot be depended on to remain where it is, it frequently jumps to some other place either in the same unprotected area being used, or into some protected area in the window, or out of the window altogether maybe into some other unprotected area, or lost to view. I only find this out when I see the garbage I have typed in. The finger pad is not being annulled by the mouse being present although I would like it to be.

    Does this look like hardware or software trouble ? Any suggestions will be most welcome, such as how to annul the finger pad if possible. I do not seriously think antiX is the cause but some other user may have the same trouble and know a fix.

    Thanks and best wishes


    FN plus F7 should switch off touchpad on Aspire.


    Thanks for that fix Caprea, I created the suggested bash files and it works well. The suggestion FN + F7 doesn’t however maybe Acer changed things on this quite recent Aspire 1. There would be no problem I guess with placing the padoff script in the .profile of my own user so I get it automatically through the automated login?


    Hi roland,
    for aspire 1 Acer says start computer wait 2 minutes press FN +F7 together to toggle touchpad on or off.

    I was unaware it might have been changed. Maybe you could ask Acer giving your model details and let us know.
    Or give model detail here and we can ask so our little help card is updated once more.

    Some other Acer models use FN +F6 some FN +T

    These are annoying issues due non standard Input keys even with same manufacturer. Some of the kids have an old credit card over the touchpads on some Netbooks where the pad reactivates on reboot, double sided tape used to fix in place. Less elegant but viable is cardboard coated with nail varnish to make it last..


    Acer Aspire 1 A114-31 series model no. N17Q4 power requirement 19v @ 2.47A
    Serial nos. A1214-31-C2SL Mfg. Date 2017/08/19
    S/N: NXSHXEB0017331506A7600
    SNID: 73308612276

    I was unable to scan the above details as the feet prevent the base contacting the scanner platter, but they are correct.

    Moddit you are quite right, FN + F7 nullifies the touch pad if 2 minutes are allowed to elapse first, I must have failed to wait long enough when I tried it before.

    Thanks again.

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