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      Having installed antiX on my quite old ASUS laptop I am really impressed how fast the laptop is working under antX, especially though it has a recognized memory of mere 2 GB on 1 memory bank (the second memory bank does not seem to work, although the RAM module is ok, found that out by swapping the modules around).
      Because of the great overwhelming performance (compared to Win10 on the same machine) I now would like to install antiX-22-base.iso onto my even older IBM Thinkpad T30 with 1,8 GHz CPU and a small RAM of 512 MB.
      Afrer the USB stick was prepared to boot with the USB Livemaker on the antiX-22 laptop and trying to boot on the IBM machine, I merely get a prompt, nothing else. Cannot enter any commands or whatsoever.
      What could I have done wrong? In the near past I’ve tried several lightweight Linux distros on that old IBM, coz I am looking for a distro to install for good. Most of the others had slight hickups e.g. wifi hardware not found etc., but all of them actually booted from the sticks I had created with the LiveUSBmaker from the antiX machine (ASUS).

      Any help is really appreciated, as I’d need this little IBM machine quite soon (want to take it with me, when I start working as a truck driver again) for those nights where I won’t manage to come home.



        I now would like to install antiX-22-base.iso onto my even older IBM Thinkpad T30 with 1,8 GHz CPU and a small RAM of 512 MB.

        I see 386 as a tag for this post, so you were using an ISO for 32 bit?

        I recommend using antiX Core for initial install and trouble shooting and moved to Base or Full once you get have success with Core. Also, installing antiX 19 Core may be informative.


          thank you for your fast reply.

          yes, I used antiX-22_386-base.iso.

          Upon your suggestion I’ve downloaded the core version and created a boot stick. In vain, as the IBM reacts the same way like with the base version. Black screen with a blinking

          did md5sum check as well. Truly this is quite mysterious, all other lightweight Linux distros at least showed something, even when they did not all expected and hung up while booting from the stick. some gave option to choose language or keyboard settings and the like, but none of them behaved like the antiX distro. And that’s the one I really seem to like.

          Is there perhaps another way around?


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            If antiX 22 won’t start, try antiX 19. It’s possible that the antiX 22 kernel doesn’t support laptop hardware. AntiX 19 may have.


              Hi sasa

              I’d like to try that, but I do not know where to find an antiX 19 iso. file.



                Go to the parent folder or parent directory on the download side, top of the page.
                Could you try to boot antiX22 with the boot parameter xorg=radeon first ?

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                  Initially, the thought was to determine if using a different kernel would resolve the issue, thus my recommendation to test antiX 19. Failing that, kernel parameters may correct the issue. Give caprea’s suggestion a try. Hopefully, it works.

                  Keep us posted.

                  I don’t use sourceforge due to slower downloads then the mirrors near me. If you move up a folder at most of the mirrors, they usually retain the older versions including 19.x.

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                    Username: demo
                    Password: demo

                    Doesn’t work on the live USB of Antix 22 I created, and it won’t let me login as root – how do I install this baby. I’ve searched the site and can only find ‘demo’ and ‘demo’ as the default username and password, but since these don’t work I’m not sure where to go from here. I downloaded from the new asian server if that helps (I’m Australian and it’s closer). I have antiX-22_x64-full

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                      md5sum check out OK?

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