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    Over the past couple of weeks I have been hacking at renovating a couple of old Compaq PIII boxen. Those being Deskpro EN 815 machines. The most recent release of AntiX that would install and boot to a usable desktop was 13.2. Nothing after that was successful. I at first thought that the issue was in the machine from 2001 was a non-PAE device. Inxi showed that this was not the case. I looked into finding a PCI graphics card that would take the place of the onboard Intel 82815 graphics chipset. In digging thru my accumulation of graphics cards I found only one PCI card. Testing proved that the card was toast. Then I found an even older S3Trio64V+ card locally. Note that there are alot of PCI graphics cards listed on ebay for more money than I think that the Compaqs are worth. The S3 card installed and I was able to boot to a Live Desktop using the latest release 19beta3. This pretty much confirms my notion that the newer kernel has an issue with the Intel 82815 chip set.

    If other newbies to AntiX or Linux in general likes to mess with old hardware, I’d suggest searching for PCI VGA cards on eBay instead of wasting time like I did searching for ATI PCI graphics cards or Nvidia PCI graphics cards–those criteria will mostly find you PCI-e/PCI Express cards that may or may not be any use on ancient PCI risers.

    Ya live and occasionally, ya learn.

    Regards and Thankye Kindly,

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