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      @anticapitalista Btw, please could you set the .ts file type (mpeg transport stream file format .ts) in zzzFM on antiX to open with “MPV” per default in next ISO, so all users won’t have to do this on their own. antiXradio (actually MPV does this for us) writes these files, and from our default installed programs in antiX only MPV can read them as far I know. We have explained this in a tooltip, but I guess it would be better when .ts files would open in zzzFM and our other file managers by default with MPV, so users will not be clueless how to access them if they missed to read that very tooltip. Would be great.

      Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


        when building the debs, debhelper suggests

        No idea about debhelper, never heard of it. All I can do with packaging is putting all files manually in proper position and needed system folder structure within a fresh subdirectory and run from within this directory

        $ dpkg-deb --root-owner-group --build antixradio
        dpkg-deb: Paket »antixradio« wird in »antixradio.deb« gebaut.
        $ shasum -a 512 -b ./antixradio.deb > antixradio.deb.sha512.sum
        $ shasum -c antixradio.deb.sha512.sum
        ./antixradio.deb: OK

        All my packages are handmade still. This means I write and prepare all files in DEBIAN folder in geany manually, that’s the only way I know and can do:

        $ ls -l antixradio
        insgesamt 8
        drwxr-xr-x 2 Robin  Robin  4096 30. Dez 09:34 DEBIAN
        drwxr-xr-x 4 Robin  Robin  4096 24. Dez 12:54 usr
        $ ls -l antixradio/DEBIAN
        insgesamt 16
        -rwxr-xr-x 1 Robin  Robin  427 30. Dez 10:49 control
        -rwxr-xr-x 1 Robin  Robin 1844 30. Dez 09:34 postinst
        -rwxr-xr-x 1 Robin  Robin  367 30. Dez 09:33 preinst
        -rwxr-xr-x 1 Robin  Robin  879 23. Dez 20:10 prerm
        $ ls -l antixradio/usr
        insgesamt 8
        drwxr-xr-x 4 Robin Robin 4096 24. Dez 12:56 local
        drwxr-xr-x 4 Robin Robin 4096 24. Dez 12:59 share

        So it would be great if you could package antiXradio properly with these tools you mention and you know and can handle.

        Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


          Meld comparison just for Danish list
          PS: it’s say identical files

          I suspect meanwhile I missed one step I originally had designed while writing the code from the concept. The files for which the checksum comparison hat failed were supposed to be treated separately. This was what the tmp_comp_FAIL list was meant for, which is actually unused by the current processing. This means all files are treated as checksum FAIL and moved to the .new extension instead of just the ones which have failed. Will recheck, add and fix what is missing. Sorry.

          Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.

          Forum Admin

            @Robin – I can package the deb – no worries.

            .ts is also the format used by qt for translation files.

            Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

            antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


              .ts is also the format used by qt for translation files.

              I know. for me it reads e.g. text/vnd.trolltech.linguist, but majority of users probably will not come in contact with qt translations files directly, while they hopefully will listen to our radio, so there is a maximum likelihood they will have some .ts files on their disk from pressing the recording button, wondering how to access them.

              Btw, zzzFM can take more than a single entry for a filetype, so both can be registered. But as said already, I guess the multimedia .ts file should be the one set as default for majority of users.

              I can package the deb – no worries.

              Many thanks, anticapitalista! That’s a great relief. I was already worried about whether I could do everything properly with packaging, taking into account I know next to nothing about it.

              Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.



                I had understood that you were unhappy with the Brazilian radios list. As I don’t see any changes in this list at the moment, I’d like to offer you my help in completing it.
                If you give me the URLs of the pages containing the radios you feel are essential, I can try to extract the corresponding feeds to create a new list or complete the existing list as you wish. This is subject to a limit of fifty or sixty links: it does take time, though.
                Some radio stations put in protective measures so that you are obliged to use their dedicated application, with the addition of advertisements. I won’t get past these protections, but I’ll do what I can.

                It’s up to you! Best regards.



                  I won’t get past these protections, but I’ll do what I can.

                  Please, don’t add stream addresses not officially published by the stations and not meant for public usage by the respective provider. antiXradio won’t break paywalls or drm or whatever, and not outmaneuver their protective measures. This is a simple gui merely, for mpv, saving the user from some keying-in on command line, not a collection of illegal streaming sources. If a station prefers waiving listeners running on low resource devices, this can’t be helped. Then it’s their decision to exclude people from cultural participation, people not finding themselves in a position to acquire powerful devices able to stem all the additional load from what they send along in their “apps” or websites-“blobs”. Luckily most radio stations do offer public legally accessible streams and publish their addresses for standalone players, and we’ll just drop all who do not. It’s their loss of listeners, not ours. Btw, there are commercials in the audio streams already, and antiXradio won’t filter them. That should be enough, no need to process huge active content orgies from recent website codes or apps on weak devices which can easily play a plain audiostream. (Same goes for aCSTV, btw. You can actually receive and play stutterfree streaming TV on relatively weak devices, if feeding them to a dedicated efficient standalone player program like mpv instead of trying to watch them in a web-browser or a proprietary streaming “app”.)

                  Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                    I had understood that you were unhappy with the Brazilian radios list. As I don’t see any changes in this list at the moment, I’d like to offer you my help in completing it.

                    ChPol, I do need help to build the “pt_BR” list within the legality mentioned by Robin. But I don’t know how to do that.
                    Thank you for wanting to help me.

                    – – – – –

                    I had understood that you were unhappy with the Brazilian radios list. As I don’t see any changes in this list at the moment, I’d like to offer you my help in completing it.

                    ChPol, eu preciso sim de ajuda para construir a lista “pt_BR” dentro da legalidade mencionada pelo Robin. Mas eu não sei como fazer isso.
                    Obrigado por querer me ajudar.



                      You know I don’t speak English. In French “… I won’t get past these protections” means that I won’t even look for a way to bypass these protections. So I won’t do anything illegal, out of philosophy, out of lack of time, because these protections are a good reason not to listen to this radio…
                      The Brazilian list will be reduced accordingly, but I do what I can within these limits.

                      There’s no need to put me on trial for no reason, by insinuating that I’m proposing piracy.


                        Young people tell me that computers are useless. Young people don’t want a computer at home after their studies. They use iPads, iPhones, smartphones and tablets.
                        In Belgium, radio stations are no longer broadcast on IOS, Microsoft Windows or Linux computers. Radio stations often suggest going to the “Play Stores” to download applications for iPads, iPhones, smartphones and tablets.
                        Some banks in Belgium are also developing applications exclusively for mobile devices. No more computers!
                        Some shops no longer accept bankcards or payments by computer. Everything has to be ordered and paid for using mobile devices.
                        A good example is metro tickets in Paris (that’s in France, for those who don’t know). You have to use applications on your smartphone. They don’t even want to open ticket offices to sell tickets in person.
                        Why is there no support for operating systems on computers any more? It’s simply cheaper to pay developers just for mobile devices. This will kill the computer market. No more X86 technology, long live ARM chips!
                        I put an exclamation mark at the end of my sentence. I don’t know if that’s going to come across properly on the forum… It’s a translator’s intellectual distortion. It should work because it’s not a tooltip.


                          Version 0.46 up still in 2023:

                          antiXradio Silvester edition.
                          Recent translations from transifex as of today included.

                          @anticapitalista: I guess this one is for “production” now. Will send you some detailed info needed for packaging next year.

                          For all who want to try it:
                          Installation in short:

                          sudo apt-get purge antixradio
                          sudo rm -r /usr/local/lib/antiXradio
                          shasum antixradio.sha512.sum
                          sudo apt-get install ./antixradio.deb

                          Happy Hogmanay to all of you!

                          P.S.: @ChPol: My explanation wasn’t meant to insult you in any way or put you on trial. It’s just necessary to bring up this when talking about creating stations lists. Your remark about “doing the best” in a context of bypassing protections could easily be misread by other people (not by me, I knew perfectly you wouldn’t do it) when reading.
                          @Wallon: You have me rolling in the aisles. This exclamationmark thing is really funny. I’ll explain next year over in the other thread.
                          @marcelocripe: You on IRC? There are some hours left to wait for 2024


                          Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.



                            You’ve been asked to look for a ready-made list about Brazil on the Internet. That’s the easiest thing to do, but I’m guessing you didn’t find it.
                            So you need to take an individual approach
                            Let me give you an example.
                            You’re listening to an “essential” Brazilian radio station on the Internet with your browser.
                            I’ve chosen Radio Transamerica at random (I don’t understand Brazilian).
                            On this page you have an audio player, here it’s just a triangular play button (see attachment) but it could be more complete.
                            It’s important that you use this button to listen to the radio. If this is the radio you want, you copy the radio name and page URL onto one line in a text editor. In my example, it’s
                            Radio Transamerica
                            The URL may contain special characters or be very long: you need to copy everything.

                            Repeat the process for each radio station, with one reference per line, name and URL.

                            You send me the file as an archive on the forum; I send you the list in the same order with the audio stream in place of the URL: you test it in antiXradio to see if it works.
                            For me to find the URL of the stream, there are several conditions:
                            – I must be able to hear it in my country (it must not be blocked);
                            – it must not be copy-protected.

                            So there’s no guarantee of how many streams you’ll get back. I have no idea how many stations block IPs from distant countries. It would be reasonable to start with a small list of ten references to see if I get a result.

                            Best regards



                            Pediram a você que procurasse uma lista pronta sobre o Brasil na Internet. Essa é a coisa mais fácil de fazer, mas acho que você não encontrou o que estava a procurar.
                            Portanto, você precisa adotar uma abordagem individual.
                            Para ajudá-lo a fazer isso, vou-lhe dar um exemplo.
                            Você está a ouvir uma estação de rádio brasileira “essencial” na Internet usando o seu navegador.
                            Escolhi a Rádio Transamérica aleatoriamente (não entendo brasileiro).
                            Nessa página, você tem um reprodutor de áudio, aqui é apenas um botão triangular de reprodução (veja o anexo), mas poderia ser mais completo.
                            É importante que você use esse botão para ouvir o rádio. Se isso corresponder à estação de rádio desejada, copie o nome da estação de rádio e a URL da página numa linha num editor de texto. No meu exemplo, é:
                            Radio Transamerica
                            O URL pode conter caracteres especiais ou ser muito longo: você precisa copiar tudo.

                            Repita isso para cada estação de rádio, com as referências de uma estação de rádio por linha, nome e URL.

                            Você me envia o arquivo como um arquivo no fórum; eu lhe envio a lista na mesma ordem com o fluxo de áudio no lugar do URL: você o testa no antiXradio para ver se funciona.
                            Para que eu encontre o URL do fluxo, há várias condições:
                            – Eu posso ouvi-lo em meu país (ele não deve estar bloqueado);
                            – que ele não esteja protegido para não poder ser copiado.

                            Portanto, não há garantia de quantas transmissões você receberá de volta. Não tenho ideia de quantas estações bloqueiam IPs de países distantes. Seria razoável começar com uma pequena lista de dez referências para ver se consigo obter um resultado.

                            Com os melhores cumprimentos


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                            Brian Masinick

                              “Young people tell me that computers are useless.”

                              Not all young people feel that way.
                              Some are young geeks and some want to get their work done

                              Brian Masinick


                                @Robin – I think the latest antiXRadio version has some kind of bug- on my antiX 23.1 desktop, the window that informs that the lists were updated is impossible to close, it always instantly reappears!

                                EDIT: Not even logging off and back on made the window go away. I rebooted and antiXRadio is now working normally. NOTE: I think I had antiXTV open also, when this happened.


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                                • This reply was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by PPC.
                                Stéphane Ascoët

                                  @anticapitalista : Well, after having given Streamtuner2 another try now I have to say: The way it works for me in antiX 23 it is a really nice thing, worth to keep it in antiX. But it has a completely different scope than antiXradio. While Streamtuner provides mostly music channels in English and for English or American people and some few foreign languages, antiXradio aims at the streams from true radio stations of each country. As you can see from the lists provided, each country has it’s specific “öffentlich-rechtliche” radio stations.

                                  I would say, we don’t need to copy all the lists and stations present in streamtuner already to antiXradio lists, that would be much work for no additional benefit, since streamtuner can play these fine already. What we need is, just as @ChPol has stated somewhere already: antiX player will provide all the local (mostly öffentlich-rechtliche) radio stations in each country.

                                  So I think both players should coexist peacfully in antiX side by side.

                                  For example, in our country traditionally each area has it’s own radio station, some big cities have also. Altogether they form the ARD, please see for details. Besides this there are private radio stations as well, most of them also country specific. I’ve included in the lists only FTA stations. In many other countries you will find similar structures, not available at all in Streamtuner.

                                  Best regards

                                  Thanks to you I discovered Xdotool… but am jammed by the huge scope of things it can offer… and Streamtuner2. But this one isn’t user-friendly at all, has got a bad default configuration, lots of things that don’t seem to work, provides too much things (often fanciful), tangling us up, and with awful sound, they seem to all be in 64 k/s :-( But, by miracle, in “SurfMusic/Soft”, I’ve found a Web radio dedicated to my underrated-favorite-band, Huey Lewis and the News (,20925.m3u) ! But if I make it play, in spite of a sound flirting with the edges of what is tolerable (while almost all their albums are part of the best recorded ones in all music history), I can’t concentrate on anything because how much this music is so great. And then I didn’t found another manner to stop the playing than killing “mpv” in a TTY. Who is Streamtuner2 author ? Wouldn’t we be able to improve it ? Additionally, I’d like to contribute to Pmrp thread and code. And yes, it’s again another reason to group all this threads in an “audio” category… What does mean “öffentlich-rechtliche” ? All of you, being in different part of the world, do you know good “classic rock” radios (as much as, or better than “Classic 21“) ?

                                  I tried to do a “monkey test” on the program (I don’t know if this still exists for the younger generation, but it consists of pressing the buttons in any order, fast or very

                                  Reminds me two things: Firstly, when I was a kid, my father used to ask me to test the (very simple) management programs he was doing in Basic on the Amstrad CPC 464, and, answering fancy things to the questions, I was always releasing bugs. Secondly, the not-so-fool people laughing about “monkey business” idiomatic in my beloved movie “12 monkeys” :-)

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