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      What does mean “öffentlich-rechtliche” ?

      Sorry for not having properly explained the meaning of “öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk”. I was pretty sure I had explained already, but obviously this was in some other thread, sorry again. This term refers to a concept of financing public radio and TV in a way it is completely independent of the government of state and federal countries on the one hand, and also completely free of influence of private enterprises and capitalist financiers on the other hand. It is meant to guarantee an objective coverage of and reporting of political themes, making sure also interests and concerns of majority and minorities are present in public perception. The statutes and media laws oblige the stations to not exclude any group of society living in our country or any stratum from being represented. This is why e.g. even AFD, who vividly fights against this concept, trying to convince people a private financed broadcast in which rich financiers can decide what is put up to air would be better, are subject of coverage by öffentlich-rechtliche broadcasting, alowing AFD to transporti their point of view all the same as all the others.
      The “öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunk” concept tries to achieve it’s independence by the following means:
      – No private company owns the stations, so not a wealthy financier can decide what he wants to have covered in the programs and what political positions he wants to promote and which he wants to suppress.
      – No governmental party controls the stations, so they can report and comment freely without fearing to be subject of reprisals or dismissals by state government, even when criticising decisions of the government, and even if it’s about the President or Chancellor.
      – No excessive addiction/dependency on income from sending comercials, so financiers of the commercials can’t take influence on what is covered by them as in private broadcasting.
      An aleged drawback of this concept is people have to pay a fee for it even if they decide not to consume it and merely attend private stations. But this is the price for guaranteed coverage and inclusion of all people in public perception, an integral and essential constituent in a democracy.

      I simply don’t know the proper English term for this, so I used it untranslated, since what I’ve found in dictionary “öffentlich-rechtlich” = “under public law” doesn’t seem to cover this concept, failing completely in transporting the very meaning described above. For details please see and use traduzir paginas web by Felipe PS to translate the site, it’s pendant in English Wikipedia doesn’t seem to transport the meaning the same way.

      Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.

    Viewing 271 post (of 271 total)
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