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      Dear team, last weekend, while enabling zram in my crappy netbook, as I do often before opening a browser on it… I thought: why not have a toggle GUI to enable/disable zram?
      That would be really useful for users with very low specs (less than some 2 GB of RAM), that shy away from using the terminal.

      Enabling Zram for the current session:
      sudo zram start

      Disabling Zram for the current session:
      sudo zram stop

      The switch could ask if zram should be enabled/ disabled by default, every time antiX starts, and edit the necessary configuration automatically, as shown here:

      It could use any kind of simple interface or the same generic “toggle GUI” that was created for Pipewire. I can’t, for now, right that, but probably someone like Robin, Dave, BobC, etc would easily be able to implement that…

      For people that have no idea of what I’m talking about: zram kind of creates a compressed section on your RAM, so the system handles like it has a bit more RAM, so there’s less need to use Swap on the disk (because using the disk is many times slower than using RAM). There are only 2 downsides: you use a bit more CPU (since it has to compres/uncompress the information stored on that section of the memory) and also you have less RAM available.
      Generally speaking, zram does wonders, for my portable computers that have 1 GB of RAM (a 32bits laptop and a 64bits crappy netbook).


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        Indeed, @PPC, that would be a nice addition to antiX control centre, which provides the means for adding stuff like that to the antiX startup file already. I will do this once I have time again for proper implementation (along with the other control centre fixes and updates waiting already)… I guess the section System would be the proper place for this switch.

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