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    The suggestion is to have option to make the system ‘frozen’ temporarily without any new respining required or new files – it just freezes the system and writes all changes in ram -like a live system.

    However, certain directories can be specified to remain ‘thawed and modifiable’ at bootup.

    Exactly like this program:
    LinFreeze – “Deep Freeze”-like Software for Linux

    Its secure and quicker/faster for quick small changes and playing around with new programs


    Would also love to see portable program creation like in PUPPY

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    Won’t work on antiX

    NOTE: This script is outdated and may not work on modern versions of Linux. Use at your own risk.

    This is probably spam, but I’ll keep the post until I’m 100% sure.

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    Uhm frugal install or a modified version of a frugal install? Then use home / root persistence set to manual; only saving the changes when you would like?

    Edit: a few other thoughts…
    Mount the system read only (ro vs rw on the grub line) then bind mount the directories that need write to tmpfs such as /var /proc /sys ?

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    Include PloP in the initial boot menu (like Porteus 3.1 used to do).
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