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      Slackware without elogind, after 3 yrs finally there is such a thing, because 100% of the forks I knew followed the lead into elogind laziness and ultimate systemd dependence.

      Consolekit, seatd, eudev, lxdm, xfce4/mate traditional scripts init and service initiation.

      Everything works but you must engage in building packages to use them and to do so you must be willing to edit the slackware recipes pkgbuilds to replace elogind.

      I wish slackel would tag along and move in the same direction because that was a really nice clean project before slackware surprised everyone and abruptly enforced elogind everywhere they could possibly shove it.

      practical trial of the iso if you don’t speak french
      password is joker as is username
      Unfortunately the boot menu of selecting language didn’t work, so you autologin into xfce4 in french with fr keyboard
      Open a terminal and type (note that a and q in fr keyboard are reversed)
      setxkbmap us (or whatever the 2 let code for your favorite key is)
      sudo $edit /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf and enable language and keyboard by removing # and =0 –> =1

      logoff the session, choose mate/xfce kbd and language/locale

      ps The reason some fools pushed the project to get to use elogind was the fallacy that plasma would no longer work without systemd/elogind which still, after years it is not true and neither is wayland. labwc an openbox equivalent in wayland runs fine, sometimes ever without seatd to start, no logind no consolekit, no dbus …. So don’t be scared of wayland YET!!


        fungalnet thank you for the info on superboxon , yet another very interesting project hidden in the shadows and
        unable to reach those who would be interested. will see if I can get my head around the setup. Downloading now.


          The author published another version defaulting in English instead of French of the previous.
          He also clarified that he is using some MATE applications and mostly xfce to make a blend of the best of the two.

          Since slackware is mostly source based distro this provides a nice “clean base” to build more systemd/elogind software on it. If it is possible in the debian ecosystem (antiX) and the arch ecosystemd (obarun joborun) then it must be possible within slackware, as it was 3y ago when they took a sudden turn to worse to accomodate supposedly the developing plasma qt6 needs. Fake/false premises

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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