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Do you use the "Advanced encryption settings" page when installing antiX Linux?

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      I am interested to know how many people who use disk encryption actually use the “Advanced encryption settings” page within the installer.

      I am trying to determine if this page should be removed from the installer, but I don’t want to remove a feature which people use.

      I made a similar poll for MX Linux forumites ( but I am aware there are many antiX-forumites who don’t use the MX forum, but probably also use disk encryption.
      If you have already voted on that poll then there’s no need to vote on this one as I will look at both polls.


        Have used that myself, also know of users in a country which is very freedom unfriendly with regard to any kind of personal privacy.

        In Germany privacy is also a very rare animal in a race for extinction from government agencys..

        Maybe a place to encrypt a live or installed system from the menu would be noticed and used more often than something new users will
        probably pass over or be frightened of. But please do keep the possibility, it is one of many reasons why I use antiX.


          I’m not thinking of getting rid of encryption, just the Advanced encryption settings page from the installer. You can still do encryption with the installer using the default settings, or you can configure more advanced options with cryptsetup and install to the created LUKS partition.


            Seems i was not clear enough.

            I have found the advanced encryption settings useful on installation.
            I helped others to use the provided tools during installation. They are
            unlikely to answer themselves due language difficulty and fear..


              Thanks for the clarification. I’m curious to know about the use case for it now. Do you have, or know of anyone that has, a system which performs better with different encryption settings? (because that’s why I added the page in the first place).
              Back then, that page was necessary because the installer didn’t support using pre-created LUKS volumes, like it does now.


                Sorry for late answer, I tried to get a response from some asian users, not so easy as contacts are in lockdown due variant covid,
                communication limitations are in place due too much fake news and bla bla around the vaccination efforts and covid denial.

                The usage was on some pretty old computers designed for win XP which really slowed down before we played with some settings.
                Boot times especially were crazy slow.

                I have only one machine from that era to try and test with, it is not in daily use so will see if it runs on the weekend.
                Very busy week.
                I think we who live in richer countrys, I do, often forget XP and old Machines of that era are everywhere in third
                world, many parts of europe too. Plenty of users in Germany have a P4 box for kids home schooling. Just poverty is
                better hidden here than in the squalor of slums.


                  I can appreciate those remarks, having spent considerable time in third world countries myself. One huge plus is the attitude over there: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If you can tell me how many people do you assist with the advanced settings, I can consider it along with the poll results and comments from users.

                  I can see the potential of such settings to speed things up on such old machines, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be as significant as you say it is. Do not ignore the dangers of a false sense of security if you end up changing settings to weaken the encryption just to make these systems faster, though it depends on what they are trying to protect and who they are trying to protect it from.

                  I’m letting this survey run through the weekend (and then some) and will make a decision Monday or Tuesday to give more people with time to vote.


                    As it seems there is little interest or knowledge of the advanced encryption settings i retract my wish to keep it.
                    AntiX 17 and 19 can still be used, I may just pin the installer on the image and pass on a howto. The boot time issue
                    was/is relevant as the power supplies are lousy several blackouts a day is normality for many.

                    I can not give numbers as from the beginning sticks went without any intent to follow them, same goes for here in
                    germany where since covid many users have been forced to use Windoze for home schooling. For sure here young user
                    numbers have dropped, at least temporarily.

                    I always tell users they are not neccesarily increasing their safety by on computer encrypting. In most countrys If the
                    relevant agencys want to know what is on your computer you will eventualy unlock it to prevent further torture to you or
                    members of your family. In Phillipines where I lived for some time The president, Duterte, has said persons using encryption
                    may be shot dead for doing so. In much of europe things are not much better.

                    Having a computer freely accesible and things of importance on an encrypted USB stick well hidden of premices is likely a
                    better/safer option.

                    Reason I promote it is to reduce the chance of unwanted access, for example to business or school data.


                      What encryption can do, however, is provide protection against thieves looking for data to sell on the black market. In many countries there are also strict privacy laws and not using encryption to protect client data can render you liable to legal action.

                      In Phillipines where I lived for some time The president, Duterte, has said persons using encryption
                      may be shot dead for doing so.

                      In that situation I’d rather get shot.


                        I liked that it was there as an option during installation — and un-checked by default. Perfect!

                        This way, anyone who needs it can get it easily, without a lot of research… but for most folks, they just leave it un-checked and go on their merry way.

                        Nice touch in the installer, imho.


                          When I installed Antix on my laptop last week was the first time me using disk encryption.


                            I like it as an option. please keep it. As for the other, I think the president should be shot in that case.


                              Too late, it was removed over 3 months ago. As an alternative, the installer can now use existing LVM and LUKS containers. Use cryptsetup to create the LUKS container with the cipher options of your dreams.


                                I never used Advanced encryption settings, but I believe many other might have a use. So, I say it should not be removed.


                                  I use that page ritualistically to encrypt my hdd with 2 encrypted partitions one inside the other!!!!

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