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    I will be interacting with a couple of PCs on my local network: win7 and Linux Boxen. Where would I put the synergy command for startup in AntiX?

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    What do you mean? What is this synergy command you talk about?

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    For all users

    $ locate startup

    In home. They are hidden files for each user labled the same .
    or poke around in antix control center and look for Session > Globetop Serssion.

    I’d answer Anti’s Question first though.

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    Never got an email that there was a response. Not in spam either. So today I decided to find out where my emails are located in forum. Someone answered and I found my post.

    The command is: synergyc.

    I figured it out pretty much. I had to download synergy from an external source. The version that was in package list via synaptic was not compatible. I am talking to win 7.

    I am not completelty up yet since I intend to use AntiX 19.



    Thanks for list. I tested using ~/.icewm/startup it worked except that if I want prelogin I have to add more code to start synergy which may involve start synergy kill synergy after login and start synergy again. Forgot the exact reasoning for this. Short on time lately so if necessary I will use a separate keyboard to login and the use the master keyboard for rest of session where I can use my maus to move from monitor to monitor.

    Does /etc/skel/… have global prority unless overriden by user in /home/…. ? Seems to be implication.



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