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      What does this say in terminal? Neofetch is sparse.

      ps aux|head -2;pstree -a;inxi -v3xzop

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        Yes, I don’t think neofetch is really intended as a replacement for inxi. We still don’t know what antiX version is running, other than its one running a newer 64 bit kernel.

        I will guess that his system only is NEEDING 3 gb to run the browser, or it would be using more or less as required, assuming his system isn’t running out of memory.

        In my ~/.bash_aliases I have an alias called mem setup to run :

        # easy mem
        alias mem='sudo'

        He might consider adding that. Running the command will display how the memory is being used, providing a summary value and number of entries for each program. I have a lot more than 51 tabs, and my firefox-esr is using 7.1 gb at the moment. He could check what his shows.

        Another useful alias I setup is called psa to run ps in a tree view mode :

        # ps in nice format
        alias psa='ps -efa --forest'

        Another useful terminal command to see what is running and how much memory is being used for what is htop.

        System requirements are just a “bare minimum” number, not the same as “what do I need for everyday use”. If 16 gb isn’t enough, you find a way to use less or add some.

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          In general, 16 GB of RAM is enough for me. The question I initially had was what are the minimum requirements for the antix itself at the moment.I just don’t know whether the system requirements for antix are relevant or not, that’s the question.And so I have enough tasks for my tasks, I even play Far Cry. So my question concerned the name of Antix himself, but in any case I am grateful to all the forum participants

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