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    Hi there, I installed antiX 19 (core? ~700MB) a couple of days ago I’ve been liking it quite a bit. Thanks for the good work!

    FWFW I’m a former Unix guy (NOT a sysadmin) and Ubuntu/Mint/Manjaro linux user of a few years. I install fluxbox and remove pulseaudio as part of each linux installation, so it was nice to have a distro with FB installed (and pulse not installed) natively. But now I guess I’m turning into a iceWM guy…

    Here are some of my adventures with it, maybe they’ll help some other new user(s).

    – Installer was nice, easy to use.
    – No errors or problems installing or updating.
    — Had troubles REMOVING some packages so installed synaptic.

    – Spent several hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t change the iceWM fonts
    — Solution: ignore “~/.icewm/preferences” file and edit “~/.icewm/prefoverride”.

    – Troubles with opening “foobar” (wine program) in a given desktop
    — solution: use xprop to get window info for winoptions file, and
    — a name with a “.” in it is referenced like “foobar2000\.exe.workspace: 2”

    FWIW, my firefox and wine installs are actually on a ‘data’ partition:

    /opt/wine-stable -> /mnt/DATA/wine-stable; ~/.wine -> /mnt/DATA/wine32
    ~/.mozilla -> /mnt/DATA/Firefox/mozilla
    "firefox" = apulse /mnt/DATA/Firefox/firefox/firefox -P profile.default -new-instance  "$@"

    so several linux installs use the same stuff…but in antiX (only) with foobar running, firefox (my “install”) was silent.
    — solution: the others installs don’t have the /etc/asound.conf file, so I deleted it. Now I can play two audio sources at the same time.

    — One mystery remains: after copying over some of my fluxbox files, the conky window looks fine in iceWM and JWM but appears as a “-” (a white minus sign on the dark background) in fluxbox; sometimes if I start conky in iceWM it will still appear when I switch to fluxbox, sometimes not. It never shows up (just the “-“) if I start it in fluxbox. The same .conkyrc file works properly in other installs w/fluxbox. ???

    Happy Tuesday!


    Had troubles REMOVING some packages so installed synaptic

    Hi and welcome! synaptic comes out of the box with antiX full! I never even tried “core”. antiX 19 full version (if you add a couple of things) has the same functionality as *ubuntus or Manjaro- you can add “dunst” for OSD notifications if you miss those – and a taskswitcher like skippy-xd and compton for transparancy, if you want a little of eye candy. If you are a Fluxbox person, I’, betting you aren’t much into eye candy 🙂

    Some people can find it a bit strange, the fact that you like using a windows only music player when there are dozens of them for Linux! But I’m also a bit picky about the software I like running, so I guess I get that… There’s a snap version of foobar2000, but I found no other version for Linux, and since snaps don’t work in antiX, you are stuck with running it via wine… I do love deadbeef music player- minimalist, runs of very low resources- and you can even run it without installing… There’s also appimage of clementine, etc… If your foobar2000 runs ok, and you like it, don’t mess with perfection…

    -Life is full of little mysteries, Linux even more 🙂 Maybe someone can help with that JWM mystery…

    If you want to dig around for skidoo’s fluxbox version (sorry, dig around in the forum if you want to try it), it has a few nice good features, like the habitability to have a “real” start menu and to add (text) launchers to the bar (I even found a convoluted way to have quick start “icons”- a made a very detailed how to on that, a long while back)

    I’ve tried the default icewm, then turned to fluxbox, modded it, turned to JWM, did the same, then went back to Icewm- it’s very feature rich and now with about the same memory footprint as the other 2 desktops- the default theme looks modern, and has nice features- like adding launchers to the toolbar via gui and many other niceties!

    Have fun with antiX!



    after copying over some of my fluxbox files,

    Aside from mentioning the possibility that a copied ~/.fluxbox/apps might contain rules targeting conky, I can’t think of any other details to check.

    same .conkyrc file

    If you upload the rc file to pastebin and post a link to the URL, other antiX users can attempt to replicate the problem and assist with troubleshooting


    Welcome! I think you have the “Base” version. Core is different and does not use X by default and weighs in at 347Mb.


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