The most chilling film I've seen in years

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    Only 7 minutes long: A Night at the Garden

    Here is the web site of the people who made it:

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    Chilling it is. However, that is only one side of the story.
    There was mass resistance to that rally.

    Outside the Garden, the SWP was leading the largest anti-Nazi contingent at the corner of Fifty-first Street and Eighth Avenue, face to face with with policemen mounted on horseback. The crowd was peppered with anti-Nazi posters and banners. Howe recalled that Max Shachtman, one of the most prominent SWP leaders, and other party spokesmen were hoisted onto the shoulders of husky party members, and “their piercing voices cracked the air with denunciations of Nazism,” while “a parade of thousands stormed the streets.”73 There were nearly 50,000 surrounding the Garden and another 50,000 onlookers on surrounding blocks. Felix Morrow reporting for Socialist Appeal captured the diverse turnout:

    Among those who pressed against the horses, fighting for every inch of ground, were Spanish and Latin American workers, aching to strike the blow at fascism which had failed to strike down Franco; Negroes standing up against the racial myths of the Nazis and their 100% American allies; German American workers seeking to avenge their brothers under the heel of Hitler; Italian anti-fascists singing “Bandera Rossa;” groups of Jewish boys and men, coming together from their neighborhoods, to strike a blow against pogroms everywhere; Irish Republicans conscious of the struggle for the freedom of all peoples if Ireland is to be free; veterans of the World War; office workers, girls and boys, joining the roughly-clad workers in shouting and fighting; workers of very trade and neighborhood of the city.

    Some of them brought home-made signs, eloquent of their anxiety to speak out. “Give me a gas mask, I can’t stand the smell of the Nazis,” read one, perched on the end of an umbrella rib. “Hitlerism is Political Gangsterism” read to others, identifying their bearers as “German-Americans of Yorkville.” One group of Jewish-American World War veterans from Brooklyn brought a large American flag.74

    source: it-cant-happen-here

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    Great article! Thanks!

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    Blowing my mind presently.

    I had no conception or idea things were so bad and the size of camps and stresses on Greece.

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    A Reef by Night and Day

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