The update on 01/10/2023 lost translations of the first level menus

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      The updated package would have changed the file /etc/skel/.icewm/menu which then desktop-session would see as being newer than the ~/.icewm/menu file and copy it over from /etc/skel to ~/.

      When was the configuration of desktop-session set? I do not know but generally since the time the user was created. Otherwise it would have needed to be manually copied there at sometime.

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        Great work, Dave!
        Your finding explains clearly how the change of menu and taskbar, being updated from /etc/skel after package installation, occurs.

        I believe the best way to fix the issue completely (along with the new account wrong English language issue after update) is to craft the antiX package desktop-defaults-icewm-antix to respect the master language of a system when updating the files in /etc/skel to make sure they match the language present there before. We should keep in mind the /etc/skel files are present in proper language in antiX, so they should be replaced by updates in proper language also (these are present in the package already!) rather than by a reset to English. As mentioned somewhere before, this could be achieved easily by a postinstall script within the package: Check for system master language, then copy the proper (updated) installed language version to the /etc/skel folder, give user chance to check the localised update vs. previous localised version.

        When then running desktop-session from the apt-hook, it will no longer change the menu to another language, and the same time new user accounts will keep to be created in the expected language properly after package-update.

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          Dear All,

          Here is an additional observation.

          On my USB sticks, every time I said “yes” to the upgrade, I lost my main menu in French. But I can use the submenus in Google Chrome!

          Every time I said “no” for the upgrade, I kept my main menu in French but the Google Chrome sub-menus don’t work anymore.

          I’m surprised that no one has talked about the benefits or improvements of this upgrade.

          Best regards,

        Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)
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