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    I finished implementing 19 yesterday, and got it burned to a flash drive, and implemented and tested with no problems on a 2nd machine.

    My only nagging issues at this point are with the double height menu disappearing before I can click, and getting a root partition space monitor working so I have everything I really need from the conky in my status bar.

    My todo list will be fairly short when the time comes to finalize everything. I am running live in the beta at this point.


    Which is the IceWM Tray configuration file?

    I know about the toolbar file, but not how to put anything on the tray over to the right…

    Sorry, I forgot to reply to this question, Bob:
    Putting icons on the right part of the toolbar, as far as I know can only be done in JWM, not IceWM… in that regard, JWM is more configurable (for example- if you run antiX 19b2 JWM desktop, you get a “exit” button to the right of the clock, just like the one in MX-Linux … but I found no way to do the same in IceWM… 🙁 )


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    I have found some ways to do that with IceWM, but the problem is that each of them are costing at least 15 mb (up to 26 mb) of memory per icon.

    Unbelievable the waste…


    BobC, are you are wrestling with a “solved problem”?
    in antix19b2:

    $ icewm -V
    IceWM 1.5.5+git20190610, Copyright 1997-2003 Marko Macek, 2001 Mathias Hasselmann

    apropos icewm
    ^——- icewm-toolbar, icewmtray, and several others exist as freestanding manpages

    IceWM v1.5.5 (June 7, 2019) ref:

    This release contains many bugfixes and many portability fixes compared with previous version of IceWM 1.4.2.

    The order of buttons and icons on taskbar, tray bar and system tray is now fully configurable.

    A new quickswitch, hotkeys, focus behavior FocusCurrentWorkspace and theme option TaskbuttonIconOffset which is used in theme Outside-ice.

    Quickswitch can be either horizontal or vertical.

    Now, you can change focus model without restart, can change preferences via menus. Also, improved locating and loading of icons.

    Extended window list menus and monitoring applet options.

    We can easily change focus or work spaces by mouse wheel.

    The monitoring applets has been revamped and it’s consuming very less processor time to gather information’s.

    The improved system tray supports more applications compared with old release.

    Mailbox monitoring was overhauled and now supports TLS/SSL connections to POP and IMAP servers, Gmail and Maildirs.

    Support for 32-bit visuals and compositing managers was added.

    The order of buttons and icons on taskbar, tray bar and system tray is now fully configurable.

    Many new manual pages have been written and documentation is fully updated.

    The address bar now has a re callable history of previous commands.


    Wow, I didn’t realize it was different. Yes, definitely I need to look at that.

    Thanks much.



    I see that applications can run and automatically be minimized to the tray.

    So, if I had a script, and it was hooked to a desktop, and the desktop had an icon, and that icon was really a link to an icon file, then if I was to change the link to point to a different icon file, then it would display the other icon instead.

    Now, if only I could get it to change the icon on the screen after I change the icon picture its linked to…

    I tested the theory using the wallpaper icon, and even literally overlaying the icon file wouldn’t make it change. I could have 100 small icons for 1% to 100% in a folder and have the script replace the icon or change the link anytime the percentage full changed if I could get it to refresh what I see on the screen afterwards.


    ” if I could get it to refresh ”

    ? set the script to periodically kill & restart itself


    Although difficult, and maybe insurmountable for me, I think the best answer is to take the battery status monitor in IceWM and clone it into a drive space monitor if I really need a visible reminder. All the other options I found require a lot of memory, and it should just be built in.


    Probably the final version of antiX 19 is not very far away, but I installed beta3 on my desktop, with most of the stuff I listed on my OP and:
    BobC’s dynamic recent files menu
    yad-calendar as IceWM default calendar
    – I customized SpaceFM and use it as as default FM- but I still have not been able to install and use any of the 2 “trash” plug-ins… 🙁
    – Instead of installing GIMP, I just downloaded GIMP’s most recent Appimage, and have it in my Applications folder. because I almost never use it, but it’s a handy app to have, just in case I need it. I did the same with Audacity
    – I also use Drill’s appimage for app and file search- it’s almost as fast at starting applications as Dmenu- a bit faster that the veryyyy nice and default App-select tool.
    -So, my toolbar has icons for Show Desktop, Search (Drill), Switching applications (skippy-xd with a costume script that un-minimize all windows, so they all appear in the preview window) and volume (yad-volume), file manager, firefox, ungoogled-chromium, scanner and Writer
    -Also now I use FreeOffice instead of WPS as my backup office suite – both are proprietary but very compatible with Ms Office – which is always handy.
    -I tried out Dunst notification- the most recent version can be configured to show notifications with rounded corners- but I uninstalled it because nothing that I use (except for printing) shows any system notifications…
    -Installed Perpermint’s ICE– for creating “webapps” – and I made .desktop files for the more commonly used MS Office on-line applications…
    – Also I customized my Icewm menu – I commented out the Help and Desktop menus and some more features I don’t use, adding the highly useful dynamic “Recent files” menu (thanks BobC)…

    A bit off topic:
    antiX 19, with App-select (or Drill) as application launcher, dynamic (recent files and desktop) menus, skippy-xd, Spacefm as default file manager and Dunst installed has about the same functionality as a full featured Desktop Environment like XFCE – particularly now that antiX has a GUI way of adding icons to the default ICEWM toolbar, a recent files menu, great looking themes and fonts- all fitting together perfectly and in a seamless way!
    You just don’t notice antiX runs in about third of the idle RAM of MX’s XFCE – It runs fast and very reliable and I can honestly say I don’t miss any feature from MX Linux (or Windows, for all you windows refugees out there) – they are all there, they may be on a slightly different place- but you can search for apps, easily add application start icons, use office applications and you favorite browser or even steam, without breaking a sweat (pun intended 🙂 )



    Hmmmm, after it goes live, I hope to not need to do anything, LOL.

    I almost choked on my drink typing that. I used your Icon Manager to add EVERY program I use to my toolbar, so I rarely need too search for a program or use the menu to run them, LOL. But yes, there always seems to be something else needing to be done.

    Something I don’t have that bothered me last night, is a way to search for a file or files in selected directories and subdirectories especially, and have it give me a list, showing me a thumbnail view in a selectable size, with details, and let me select, click or right click, and do any normal file manager tasks. I suppose if the list came up in the file manager, that last one wouldn’t be a problem. I tried all the major Linux file managers last night, and couldn’t find one that could do it. Maybe I just didn’t have them configured right. Nautilus especially, there.

    MC does real well giving me a list of the files, so does SpaceFM file search and a couple other file search programs, but none have an option to show a thumbnail let alone selectable sized ones, and none can do file manager operations on them, which makes no sense to me.

    I downloaded a SpaceFM plugin called “findtools”. Maybe it will help, as SpaceFM had the ability to show selectable sized thumbnails, but not from its search option. I’ve never seen a SpaceFM plugin before. Tell me about plugins…

    And yes, antiX is getting to be where its as good or better than the desktop environments in many areas, and screaming fast at it…



    Now that I have dist-upgraded the beta3 to antiX 19 (final) there are a lot of stuff that I don’t need to do, and some little things I have to do:

    -The default desktop theme is alredy my favourite “Blueday”, nice.
    -It already comes with IceWM Toolbar Icon Manager and the Recent Files dynamic Menu, very nice (but I did have to manually install formatUSB, once I read it cam out of the box with the final version, that I did not get with the dist-upgrade I performed).
    -I modded the calendar a bit, so it fits right into the toolbar. So I have to use CC to edit IceWm “preferences” file and add one last line:
    (followed, in the same line, between “simple quotations”, by this script)
    yad –calendar –mouse –close-on-unfocus –undecorated –skip-taskbar –button=”!/usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/22×22/actions/adjustrgb.png” –button=”!/usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/22×22/actions/dialog-close.png”:1

    -To update/upgrade- I now use the version of Mx updater that Skidoo made available here on the forum! Thanks for that, Skidoo! I just changed it’s icons from the preferences menu, so it fits better with the icon theme… (it’s “hidden” somewhere in the menu, I think its: Menu- Acessories- Mx update)
    – I changed the default text editor from the menu to leafpad- it starts instantly- great for jotting down notes, etc.
    – I added deadbeef music player and little more, mostly I use appimages for applications I don’t use daily- it may be strange- but I think that way my system is tidy…
    -I added one more appimage to my “Programs” folder: a “appstore” called App Outlet (

    All this, coupled with skippy-xd, drill (and dunst) that I previously mentioned, make my system look and feel like a completely full featured OS, that stands on the same level as Ubuntu (minus snaps, for better or for worse) or Windows10 (minus all the windows only software 🙁 )…
    Thanks anti, and the rest of the team, for this OS!


    Edit: I forgot- I added a Tool to SpaceFm, to mount my android phone:
    jmtpfs ~/android-device
    (for that to work ~/android-device has to already exist).
    I made a simple yad scrip to connect android devices to antiX… but this is faster for me!

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by PPC.

    Not sure what I’m going to do. I had loaded 19a1 or 19a2 when my other laptop died, and I migrated to this one, and since then its been kept up to date with all of my tweaks.

    I do have one problem where the code to save the current wallpaper filename keeps getting overlaid, but its almost not worth fixing. Maybe I could just do a test everytime I boot to see if it got changed, and if it was, then try to fix it semi-automatically. All I’m doing is saving the filename so I can flip, flop, rotate, delete, or mark it to be kept, but I can’t do any of that if I don’t know what file is on the screen.

    Maybe I’ll just leave it all alone and take a break…


    antix-viewer is GREAT on slow hardware. I made a desktop entry to get here. It doesn’t have a URL bar, so needs to be run to a url, but it is super fast and light and allowed me to login here. I got to think about either adding a url entry for it or a front end to feed it.

    Note: evidently antix-viewer is not secure, oh well…

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    antix-viewer is GREAT on slow hardware

    Bob, try the “surf” browser, if it runs on your hardware- it’s simply the less resources demanding browser I ever found out. As simple as it gets also- no Url bar- ctrl-g pops open a dmenu bar on top of the browser window to enter URLS. The correct dependencies even allow you to stream video (youtube, for example). Allows secure access to websites and all…

    I also forgot to add speedcrunch to my list- one of the fastest calculators available (has versions for windows and mac also)- you don’t even have to install it- it runs from a 20Mb exec file- may not look shiny or as windows calculator like as galculator, but it has so many functions! Also it works like those calculator machines with a paper rol- you can see everything you entered before- nice for correcting mistakes… From the cli you can run xcalc- runs extremely fast also, and comes out of the box, but I can’t do copy and past using it…



    I guess I don’t have to worry about 32 bit machines anymore. I was pushing the Pentium III hard last night, trying to get it to record my screen and voice, and it went dead. I could smell something burnt, but there was no smoke. It was well built back in 1998, but machines only last so long.

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