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      If someone likes or dislikes how the out-of-the-box desktop looks, or the changes proposed by the community look, they can always change it themselves. I don’t understand the fear of change, when this change is only visual. The distro will keep running well and the devs will not go crazy and sacrifice antiX’s performance to the gods of visual goodness. We all know that “how it works” is more important than “how it looks”, but improving the looks is also improving the experience.

      I agree with this. I don’t think we are saying we are afraid of change, visual or otherwise. Only that what starts out as a little upgrade then turns into something that takes more power. I’ve seen it happen many times before. Perhaps antiX will eventually morph into a power hungry distro. So be it. I will move on to something else if that happens. It all comes down to what the devs and community wants, not my personal needs.

      What I am saying, and other have echoed, is that antiX IS GOOD as is. IT CAN BE UPGRADED by the user to fit their own needs. But it is a base system first and appeals to Linux experts who already know how to do what needs to be done. Does it really need to cater to the newbie or Windows diaspora?

      For me, when I have an old computer with 128MB to 1024MB of RAM and a single core I use antiX. If I have a better machine I use MX, or Xubuntu, or something else. I don’t see antiX as the best of all worlds even though I know it is for many others. Maybe there will be a divergence and antiX will split into two tracks. One for older under powered machines (simple, mean and lean) and one for newer super powered machines (sleek, modern and hip).

      I’ve shared my opinion only. I do not object to what anyone has done to share how to make their systems more beautiful. I only see those efforts as an “add-on” to what is already a suitable effort by the developers. I said it before, whatever becomes of making antiX prettier I hope it stays to the size of a CD.



        I’m a performance freak. I want programs to just FLY. I don’t want it to look terrible, but I don’t want to pay with performance for a little eye candy. I test with old slow systems so I can tell what is efficient or not, and then have a fast machine for me to actually use that just FLYS running the code that was fast on the antique laptops.

        I’ve tried 7 or 8 other distros in the few couple weeks, and the performance on all but 2 was totally abysmal, to where I thought the machine had crashed in some cases, things took so long. I finally got so tired of the pokeyness that I switched from the D620 to the M2400 for testing, and it is STILL painfully slow!

        I don’t object to making things look better if it won’t cost me any performance or memory or disk. But I think people’s tastes as to what looks good differ wildly, so what noclue might think looks good might not be appealing to someone else, or maybe it is, and I think the devs should decide what they want to do about it. My preference is use non-mandatory polls if in doubt to help steer which way to go on subjective things, like the background or logo, for example, and if all all possible, leave at least some flexibility so that people can easily change things to their own tastes.

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          @BobC, please don’t worry. We are not going to abandon “Lean and Mean” just for some eye candy. Nor are we going to limit your ability to configure your system the way you want it. Until now, the choice of the default background (like most other things) was up to anticapitalista. I don’t see that changing either.

          I think we already have quite a number of themes available for such a small distro. If we choose to add another, I don’t see how that harms any of our existing users. IMO by far the biggest problem is that a lot of the software we use keeps growing and growing so even without adding packages our iso files take up more space every year. We finally had to break the cd-size barrier with full in antiX-17 (I think) and now even base is up against the cd-size limit. IMO, adding some theme and configuration files will be down in the noise. Way down.

          I look forward to seeing the new modernized look. I believe this is an area that could use improvement and unlike most distros we don’t have the developer resources it requires. We have a really small team. Instead of getting the torches and pitchforks ready, let’s wait and see what happens. If new theming does get added then we will all get to see it in the beta.

          We’ve concentrated on being lean and mean while we have let some things slide a bit. If someone can help us out with the look and feel without violating “lean and mean” then I say more power to them. We could really use the help.

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            I don’t understand the fear of change, when this change is only visual.

            Not a fear of change ~~ more like a pong-pong match attempting to encourage would-be contributors to step up and actually contribute.

            Today I created
            and seeded it with several projects forked from the (80+) the official antiX git repositories.

            Would-be contributors will not need to locally install git and learn git’s ins-and-outs.
            Would-be contributors will be spared the burden of forking and sporking and snorking…

            To collaboratively participate, you can:
            1) create a free user account
            2) post in the forum, stating your gitlab username and the project(s) you are interested in.
            Then, after being invited/added as a collaborator
            3) VIA YOUR WEB BROWSER, you can upload new files, edit/delete existing files, etc

            “etc” meaning
            any of the hundred or so actions available to “Developer” role collaborators.

            As a followup to this post, I will send anticapitalista the login password for the “antix-contribs” account. He can (but no immediate burden to do so) invite/mark the “antix-Linux” useraccount as an “(co)Owner” or “Maintainer” of the antix-contribs account… or at least hold onto the login credentials for safekeeping in case skidoo throws a temper tantrum and walks away gets hit by a bus.


            In the context of collaborating, submitting contributions via web browser, would-be contributors potentially face an additional “barrier to entry” ~~ the PITA of dealing with the in-n-outs (and quirks!) of debfile packaging.

            Don’t sweat it ~~ another collaborator familiar with the ins-and-outs of modifying the debian packaging files (and whose account bears “Maintainer” role), should handle that chore and (after building/testing) generate the “to official antiX upstream” pull request.

            MANY of my own yet-unseen contribs are tiny little utilities which don’t merit the chore//overhead from individual packaging. Those (and yours) could be rolled into one of the existing packages, e.g. “antix-goodies”. (disclaimer: my personal focus has been increasingly shifting away from antiX-proprietary and DebHat-proprietary “stuffs”; IOW, don’t hold your breath awaiting any goodies contribs from me.)

            Any hopeful collaborator will need to grok “which assets belong in which package”
            when planning to contribute edited versions of existing (as seen installed on local system) files.
            dpkg-query -S /path/to/any/file/of/interest
            will usuallynearly always provide enlightenment.
            The rare exceptions are files which are generated during first-run of an installed program or, on-demand (for instance a .conf file might not exist for a given program until its default preferences are edited and saved).

            small team… we don’t have the developer resources

            Developers don’t grow on trees, unless you plant the trees in the first place, eh?
            Better start planting; clearly the current trend is unsustainable.


              DOCUMENTATION (with screenshots) is probably the most sorely needed form of contribution.

              Separate from creating to-be-packaged documentation, we could create a Gitlab-hosted wiki,
              or setup a non-wiki Gitlab-hosted “website” project for the “antix-contribs” account, similar this:
              ^—– entrypoint to EDIT/MAINTAIN the content
              v—– entrypoint to browse browse the content

              edited to add:
              When you are logged in at gitlab and adding/editing pages via browser, a markup (markdown?) editor and “preview mode” are available.


                I think we already have quite a number of themes available for such a small distro.

                my thought #1)
                having TOO MANY to choose from, preinstalled, can be daunting

                my thought #2)
                many among the “Mediterranean” and “murrine-themes” preinstalled in antiX 19 are nearly indistinguishable


                  This post corrects a point of misinformation in my earlier post.

                  skidoo wrote:
                  we really cannot assure the panel (username//pw overlay) will remain centered

                  Yes, we can assure centering.
                  a SLiM theme can specify x and y offsets as percent values, e.g.

                  input_panel_x 50%
                  input_panel_y 50%


                    Just have a core version for the lean & mean or low resource users with standard install.

                    And a full version with a few bells and whistles..

                    So far all I see is bit of theme editing some nice wallpapers and some interesting logo ideas none of which to need a V8 motor to run. I for one have learn quite a few new things from these ideas. To me the main word is IDEAS..

                    And why release something just because someone else has just take your time get it right and be different. You can lead a horse to water..

                    Thanks skidoo , noClue , BitJam , manyroads.

                    It is Nice to be Nice..


                      If this was supposed to be ‘a proof of geekness’, I must disappoint you and must paraphrase:

                      “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the geekiest of them all?”

                      “My Master, Bright Fame, you are the geekiest in the land.”


                      I don’t like such overcrowded desktops like these and I have a clock (beside mirror) on the wall, that’ll tell me the time.
                      I don’t have a wallpaper simply because, there’s anyway no any free spot on my three 8K monitors.
                      I also don’t like black — it’s too often associated with death, evil, and aggression.

                      Here is my setup (CDE – i3 – TWM) …

                      (See screenshots below)

                      I simply draw myself the windows and I do whatever I need or want to do.

                      I’ve still noClue how’s that relevant for this tread and transforming antiX into a ‘Linux 4 Human Beings’. 😉


                        Only a minor tweak to perfectly well executed FluxBox theme …

                        Thanks Xecure!
                        Now we only need manyroads on the board and …
                        A good can-opener to open those conservative minds of no-sayers.


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                          I don’t like such overcrowded desktops like these

                          Go figure? Had to put on glasses and still did not see over crowding? 😀

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                            Crooked, isn’t it. 😉


                              @ Dev team:
                              I respect the fact that antiX is your work, and you do have the final word about how will the final version of this fine OS look like, but considering all the nice changes, and modernizations antiX was already subjected ( icon theme, fonts and new wallpapers), even respecting Anti’s the choice not to change the logo, could it not be a good time to change some themes (example: I don’t like most of fluxbox OOTB themes, but I love JWM “black” theme- I know “like” is very subjective) can’t you at least consider changing the defaults on some desktops?
                              Noclue, myself and some more users made available, here on the forums, some “cool” changes that the final version of antiX 19 could officially adopt.
                              In my case, all the changes I talk about for JWM desktop do not require adding a single bit of data, just using themes and icons provided OOTB in antiX19- I’ve shared, in the screen shots section how my JWM desktop looks, if you want to take a look…
                              Updating some wallpapers (keeping the very beautiful new ones, and adding one or two “flat” ones) and provide a couple more themes for IceWM and Fluxbox to go with it would make antiX look even more modern than the current beta does 🙂
                              Because I do love the new wallpaper (I use, in my dark JWM theme the new “back” wallpaper), I’m left a bit divided what looks better, and more appealing: that wallpaper or, for example one like the one on post #23288 (even if without the reference to that particular “logo”, if you want to avoid confusion about the official logo). Both look great. What harm could come in being both provided out of the box? Probably adding most of the changes (themes, wallpapers and icons will take some 3-4meg of ISO space, but we end up with a more modern looking distro out of the box, without any “bloat”!

                              Either way, I’m sticking with what the dev teams selects, and adapting it to suit my needs, but I’m rooting for at least including some more changes


                              Forum Admin

                                PPC – you’ll be pleased with beta2.
                                Some of noClue’s stuff will also be included. However,
                                There will be no change to the logo (IIRC we only see it when running snapshot/remaster).
                                Even 99% of the wallapers used are de-branded (sort of policy since antiX-13 and onwards).
                                There will be no plymouth (it is very buggy, weighs a ton and slows down the boot, clearly noticeable on older hardware)

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                                antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


                                  Today I created
                                  and seeded it with several projects forked from the (80+) the official antiX git repositories.

                                  This idea by skidoo is great. If anticapitalista sees that our input has value, I would really like to contribute to the project in a way I can. I am not a programmer, but I can contribute with some themes, as PPC says, with icons, and documentation. Always with the approval of the antiX devs, of course.

                                  This team effort is what I enjoy in the linux community. If not accepted for official builds, we can always make the contributions in the graphics subforum.

                                  @noClue, thanks for the changes. I think it still isn’t perfect, but further improvements will come in time.

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