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    Brian Masinick

      I would like to comment.

      We’ve had some great ideas and art work, as well as some useful suggestions. In this regard, I am happy that there are a lot of comments and suggestions, as well as solid interest.

      At the same time I want to note that every distribution that is a personal creation rather than a corporate endeavor always is a work that is shared. In the case of antiX it is a personal work that has been shared with us generously for many years. Many people do volunteer to contribute to it and add to it, and most of the software is freely available to use and modify at our own whim.

      I often experiment with my own personal modifications to antiX and other distributions. My contributions back are typically to review, test, promote, and share experience and ideas. Unless asked for feedback from the development team or distribution ownership, my place is to moderate discussion, encourage cooperation, and let others know about the good work taking place.

      I know that each of us has certain things that we look for in the systems we use. The antiX effort does a good job of providing flexible, nimble software for a broad range of hardware, emphasis on the aging models and a community that is free to experiment with the work.

      It’s not about providing software that everyone will choose. The astute followers will note that antiX is best for those who find it helpful as is or are able to get the most out of their systems by customizing and modifying the software to meet their own needs. I hope that many of the forum readers realize that anticapitalista does fantastic work and will show their appreciation by letting others know, by offering help or creativity.

      Even if the comments and ideas here do not end up in an antiX or MX release, as long as the information remains on the Internet it can be copied into personal work or shared as another effort.

      Best wishes to everyone as we enjoy free software! ????

      Brian Masinick


        I appreciate your subtle reminder… I am grateful for this personal creation and I have a feeling all are. I humbly consider this a project of high importance in Linux world, considering most distros strayed from the straight path. I hope anticapitalista will continue this project for a very, very long time, so it does not get dropped after some time as everything else is being dropped (maintenance mode only…) in Linux world…

        Live antiX Boot Options (Previously posted by Xecure):


          Here’s a quickstart workflow for creating a local copy of the “antix-goodies” project, and uploading (pushing) your changes back to the gitlab-hosted project repository after having locally edited of one or several of the project files.

          sudo apt install git (prerequisite)

          git clone
          ^—> this will create a subdirectory in the current working directory and download the remotely-hosted files into it.
          It’s probably desirable to cd ~/directory_of_your_choice prior to issuing the “git clone” command.
          Also, if you intend to clone multiple projects, makes sense to create a parent holding pen directory
          e.g. “gitz”, and cd ~/gitz prior to issuing a “git clone …” command

          Browse to the newly-created directory using a gui file manager, and view the content of its “bin” subdirectory.
          While reading this turorial, take a peek here:
          When you upload (push) changed files, this is where they they will reside in the remote project repository. Eventually, after the project files have been packed into a .deb file, redistributed via antiX repo… when installed via sudo apt [..]
          they will be installed to /usr/local/bin/
          ^—> This detail, “/bin within the project sourcefile tree” matches the eventual destination “/usr/local/bin/”, is specific to the antix-goodies package. (FYI, for any given package, mapping rules are usually stated within the package’s debian/rules file).

          Because the “rules” file often does not specify the intended (correct, required) set of permissions for each packaged file, you should (and a maintainer MUST) verify that each to-be-packaged file bears correct permissions.

          After editing one of the existing antix-goodies scripts and/or drag-n-dropping your additional script files into the “bin” directory:

          git add *
          ^—> This command (more or less) “freshens the file manifest” of your local project.

          When you are ready to upload (push) the changed project files back to the remote git(lab) repository:

          git push
          ^—> This command will prompt you to type your username//password,
          and a (60 char or less) “commit message” describing your changes.

          (You can, optionally, instruct git to store your login credentials globally, er, permanently
          in order to avoid the prompt during each push transaction.)

          Blip. Done.
          Immediately following completion of a push operation, the changed files are accessible worldwide from the -hosted project repository.
          (to verify, you can check via web browser)


            file permissions:

            Using the web browser interface to edit an existing file does not change/disturb its unix file permissions.
            Uploading files via the web browser interface can (often will) result in mismatched permissions.
            Wrong, as in, the files will reflect the permission set (or none) of the origin filesystem
            rather than the permission set “intended//required when, ultimately, they are installed onto target systems”


            When working with a cloned local copy of a project’s repository fileset, consider:
            copied into a project fileset and destined for installation to

            Before uploading, file permissions for the copy of my_themefile placed in the git project directory will probably require adjustment (to match the expected/necessary permissions for files residing at the intended install destination)


              theme files:

              Take care to notice which fonts are specified within the theme.

              Consider: “ZigbotGrunge” font is probably absent on most systems (and certainly is not pre-installed in the distro)

              Consider / test: “How does it look when the specified font is not (pre)installed & a fallback font is displayed instead?”


                git clone
                ^—> this will create a subdirectory in the current working directory and download the remotely-hosted files into it.

                I will start playing around with the themes and documentation and when I have something good enough will make a commit.
                Thank you very much for your instructions.

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                antiX Live system enthusiast.
                General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


                  @Masinick (+ @ Everyone else)- I agree with everything you said. We, users of opensource software, quicky start thinking it’s “our” software. It really is, but only because its given to us, free of charge, by the people that spend countless hours working “for free” to provide us with that “free” software. There are no free lunches, people. If we have any kind of antiX (or MPV, or LibreOffice, etc. etc) at all is because the dev teams work hard at it, antiX does not rain down from the heavens like mana! We have the Devs to thank for it.
                  We may desagree with some of the dev’s choices. I sure do! But I respect their choices, I respect their work. and I always thank them for that.

                  @Dev team – not a bug, but a tiny suggestion to improve the usb device eject yad script- I tried fiddling with that script to find a way to avoid “needless” (in my humble opinion) warning boxes. For example- if, by mistake, the user clicks the eject button icon (I did that a couple of times) and then clicks the cancel button, a “needless” window pops up to warn that program really did nothing. That line of the script I was able to comment out, but it was as far as I got (I know next to zero about programming/scripting, I can mostly read it and understand some of it, but I usually just copy and paste together stuff I read on-line).
                  When testing antiX19B1 and ejecting USB thumb drives repetitively (I was looking trough some of them to try to find a certain file) I noticed that, after the USB device is “ejected” and the procedure is finished, the user has to close not one but 2 windows (one that warns that files are being written to the device and another that warns that the procedure is finished). Is there no easy way to use some kind of yad progress bar during the writing process, and then have the same window report it’s done? It’s a tiny detail, but one that improves the usability of the script, mainly if the user has to eject several devices. If I knew enough scripting I would do it myself… 🙁

                  @anticapitalista- thanks, I can’t wait for the next Beta! Also, I know your opinion about antix logo, but I just realize something- Xecure’s forum pic would be a greatly ironic “logo” for antiX, specially for those of us here in Europe- it’s inspired by the Euro coin- how ironic would that be- providing something “for free” and stamp it with the altered simbol of a coin? 🙂 🙂 🙂


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                    Thank you antiX Development Team.


                      (a clarification, because in hindsight my past few posts here sound “too bossy”)

                      skidoo has setup the “antix-contribs wireframe” with the intention of serving as a facilitator, not a gatekeeper.

                      Nothing stands in your way of cloning a* project directly into your own account, editing, then sending a pull request to anticapitalista (hmm, antiX-Dave is also listed as Maintainer for some of the desktop-related project repos).

                      Similarly, after any “role:Developer” collaborator has edited any of the antix-contribs projects, nothing stands in the way of them immediately submitting a pull request to “upstream” antiX-Linux. If it was tiny edit and/or they’re confident the change contains no errors, go for it! Otherwise, for sake of quality control, ask a “role:Maintainer” collaborator to check + test + perform the pull request.


                      “push” == send changes to a (maintained by you) remote repository

                      “pull request” == invitation sent to a maintainer/owner of a remote repository, a proposal to merge your changes into a remote codebase

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