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      Pottering is sneaking about, with today’s update to antiX 23 Beta sid repos
      he wants his ugly face in the room again :-(.

      For those who want clean antiX recommend to wait until anticapitalista finds time
      to put the madman back in confinement.

      For those who do not speak english so well: = provide fixed nosystemd packages.

      We can then return to sanity :-).


        You could have said in specific which package now requires libsystemd

        It is very apolitical and inaccurate to appoint blame to a person when the fault lies with a system and an organization. To put things in the right order, for ages LP appeared as the head of the project named systemd but as an employee of RedHat, which grew and became large due to “consulting subcontracts” by IBM. When the mission was complete and effective, penetration in the linux ecosystem to a high degree and control of development depending on it, IBM purchased RH to make it official. LP has since left IBM and was hired by MS.

        The way this dependence finds its way to our repositories is not because LP designed it to do so but because debian packaging or upstream choices made it so, but Debian is responsible for allowing this IBM penetration everywhere it wasn’t meant to be.

        To advocate that a person is at fault and not a system/organization is the same as saying it is all the fault of “x.y” president/prime-minister and another one would solve the problem. When we fail to recognize that the problem is more general in nature and not the “wrong doing” of a single person, the system/organization stays unharmed and finds yet another strawman to prolong its domination.

        This is how we got here, the naive tolerance to multinational mega-corporations penetrating a community that is largely unorganized and lacks the specific consciousness to resist such penetration. It is not even IBM in specific that is more evil than the rest of them, Oracle, google, facebook, MS, aPPle, Qt….. HP .. they are all equally dangerous, since their “goals” of profit and domination of a market, are contradictory to Free Open Source Software sharing and creating, creating and sharing, among equals.

        I can say what I want, wrong or right, some smuck employee like LP can only say what his employer will tell him he can say, whether he actually believes it or not we would never know. Corporations are ultimate dictatorships, top down designed and controlled, it would be ridiculous to assume that an employee freely expresses her/himself “as an employee” and the corporation has a contradictory view on a subject.

        LP 5-10y ago may had been a loud advocate of FOSS, and today he may be a vicious opponent and critic of FOSS. That would be perfectly normal!

        When the finger points to the moon, stop looking at the finger.


          Thank you fungalnet,
          anyway my post was intended to be ironic rather than accusative.

          When Pottering and Sievers proposed and developed systemd Red Hat was not owned by a big corporation.
          Poettering won “lamest vendor response” award due to his handling of the vulnerabilities in 2016

          IBM Take over was approved in 2019.

          I did not point to a particular package as sid is a fast moving target, tomorrow or day after more
          packages needing attention may well come along.

          No intent whatsoever to add more burden on anticapitalista whose work is more than appreciated here.

          And I am aware and annoyed by the way Debian support for alternative init system is handled/sabotaged
          by packagers and devs, or is it other way around.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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