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      Hello everyone,

      An anti-capitalist, I am grateful for making the new file “” available on the transifex.

      Wallon, I thank you for letting me know about the new file. Good thing I made a copy of the previous texts, I managed to reuse most of them. The texts in pt-BR are available on the transifex website.

      Can I take the time to talk about the need for translations from other programs?

      For example, the translations for the program are missing: “set_time-and_date” and the inclusion of updated translation texts from almost all shortcut icons “.desktop “ that are in the” “/usr/share/applications/antix” folder. If this update/correction of these files is not done, the menus will continue to be displayed in the English language instead of the language located in antiX.


      (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)


      Olá a todos,

      Anticapitalista, eu agradeço por disponibilizar o novo arquivo “” no transifex.

      Wallon, eu agradeço por em avisar sobre o novo arquivo. Ainda bem que eu havia feito uma cópia dos textos anteriores, eu consegui reaproveitar a maior parte deles. Os textos em pt-BR estão disponíveis no sítio transifex.

      Eu posso aproveitar o momento para tocar no assunto sobre a necessidade de traduções de outros programas?

      Por exemplo, faltam as traduções para o programa: “set_time-and_date” e a inclusão dos textos das traduções atualizados de quase todos os ícones de atalho “.desktop” que estão na pasta “/usr/share/applications/antix”. Caso não seja feito esta atualização/correção destes arquivos, os menus continuarão a serem exibidos em idioma Inglês ao invés do idioma localizado no antiX.


      (Texto original em Português do Brasil)


        Hi guys,

        I’m joining to Hungarian translations. Is the Transifex data up-to-date and will my work be included in the system? (Also in existing version 22?)

        I noticed some translations that are 2 years old on Transifex and the system still shows that in English. But also noticed some stuff that are not translated, and the system contains a translation. Or a better translation than on Transifex. Mainly talking about antix-development / antix-all-desktop-entries here (and files that are above this file in Transifex).

        And do I need to include “Name[hu]=” part in these translations or just the translated text itself, without any “Name=” or “Comment=” prefix..?

        Keep up the good work!

        I hope I posted this at the right place…


      Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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