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    Update: no grub package in the new install, in spite of the message that the installer was installing grub. So I installed it and now a new grub menu appears with the 19.1 install as an option, without booting from supergrub.

    Next issue is figuring out how to access my files from the net install. (I may just have to mkdir for mountpoint for /sda2 at /dev/sda2 for the files to become visible.)

    Then I can think about adding X…

    @2043 EST.
    Just before leaving for vacation, I had a problem trying to use abcde and ended up installing some apps I thought might fix it. I noticed that the new apps were in the wrong locations and ended up with two copies in different directories

    So, I deleted the files from the wrong directory.

    Then my system would only boot to a command line with a lot of errors.

    Booting a live cd (Knoppix), I was able to access all my data files. And a liveUSB of antix 19.1 booted ok, so I figured I would try to fix it when I got home.

    Today, I attempted to install the net version to another partition, using cli-installer.

    It said the install was complete, so I removed the usb drive and rebooted, but up came the original GRUB menu without options for 19.1. And this then went to the same boot process with many errors.

    So, I am seeking guidance to fix or bypass the messed up install. Links to a how to analyze/fix this appreciated.

    I did say Yes to installing GRUB to the MBR, so I don’t know why I am not getting to that menu.

    (I am running GPT not MBR, but that hasn’t been an issue before.)

    UPDATE: booting from a supergrub cd, the first choice offered DOES get my new install booted.

    So, part of my problem is a messed up grub, I suspect…

    Would prefer not to need to have to use a supergrub cd for every boot, though…


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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by stevesr0.

    Running from your ‘live’ version, try,

    Menu > Control Centre > Maintenance > Boot Repair

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    Hi fatmac,

    Thanks for response.

    I currently have antix-19 booting ok to a command line and since my original post, I did setup a mountpoint for the data files on the partition with the “trashed” 17 install, and can access them from the new antix install.

    Also, I just realized that I installed the unstable “net” version of antix 19 instead of the stable version. Although it is working ok, I am leery about using for a couple of reasons. I posted about “upgrading” to stable or testing on the sid subforum today, so I won’t discuss that further in this thread.

    I think I will focus on preserving my data files for the moment, rather than trying to fix the trashed 17 install. I may copy them to a third partition on that drive, so I can wipe out the trashed install and then maybe install something else…

    My main concern is not breaking my currently working grub setup, somehow.

    At least, I have several different computers and as a retiree I don’t have a “production” system.



    the trashed 17 install.

    It’s not trashed! Think of it as a learning curve instead. Today you conquered another learning curve in life so well done.

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