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      Ok, this is not an error that gave me (I was installed perfectly), the error occurred to a Venezuela user to whom I was supporting to install the base version of AntiX 21 on a computer with the following characteristics:

      Canaima Version 4.0 (Kerepakupai) from 64bit Linux Nucleus 3.13.0 GNOME 3.4.2
      Hardware. Memory 1.8 GIB processor. Intel Celeron (R) cpun2805 @ 1.46GHz × 2 320 GB hard drive cores.

      The distribution was installed without any problems. The problem happened after doing a Update && upgrade.

      By restarting the team, it did not take the session manager (I do not remember what it is called) and you had to log in from the TTY to be able to access the graphical interface. He is a rookie user, so we opted to install version 19.4 but that’s another story …

      I leave screenshots that sent me.

      Dura Lex Sed Lex



        random musings, not a true solid advice.

        Some results of forum search:

        An option is to use ‘lightdm’ instead of ‘slimski’.

        Some more information about the failure may be present in ‘/var/log/slim.log’.

        I also did a quick web-search “debian slim Xdisplay failed to start”.
        There was a site mentioning that one possible cause if HDD run out of space.

        I suggest that your friend installs a text-based browser (if not already installed, such as lynx/elinks/links2), logins to several TTYs (if possible/accessible via Ctrl+Alt+F[1-7]); e.g. one to browse, other to debug/experiment/fix.


          Very difficult to troubleshoot without knowing the graphic configuration of the user.

          If they don’t install the updates, does rebooting work properly and land to a graphical environment? Was failsafe or safe video mode selected before installing from live session? Was a Desktop environment or different display manager installed also? If the user insatlls something else and doesn’t install the updates, after rebooting it reboots normally?

          When you and the user have time, please answer the questions so we may help better.

          antiX Live system enthusiast.
          General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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