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    This is just a follow up to the great tips from @Moddit about ungoogled chromium in linux.

    For those that use Windows in a dual boot mode along with antiX, I found out an easy way to install and update ungoogled chromium in Windows. Ungoogled chromium would be an alternative to Chrome and Edge in windows. I have tested it and works good for me.

    In command line (cmd.exe), to install just type:
    winget install -e eloston.ungoogled-chromium

    To update, in command line type:
    winget upgrade -e eloston.ungoogled-chromium

    Because of the way that ungoogled chromium works, you have to manually install ublock origin, similar to that in ungoogled chromium in linux.

    To disable telemetry:

        Type chrome://flags/ into the address bar.
        Find and adjust these settings accordingly:
            Set Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC to enabled (helps keep WebRTC from leaking your private IP address everywhere)
            Set Disable search engine collection to enabled
            IF JAVASCRIPT IS ENABLED: Set getClientRects() fingerprint deception to enabled (this makes fingerprinting your system/browser harder)
            IF JAVASCRIPT IS ENABLED: Set Canvas::measureText() fingerprint deception to enabled
            IF JAVASCRIPT IS ENABLED: Set Canvas image data fingerprint deception to enabled
        Make sure to re-launch the browser for these changes to take effect

    I found these instructions from:

    Hope this information is useful to someone.

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